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Correction of Deformities

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Bone Deformity Correction Surgery in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

The procedure by which a deformed bone that is twisted or bent is corrected is known as the correction of deformities. The deformed bones are straightened and aligned properly to restore their function.

There are two types of the way by which correction of deformities can be performed.

  • Acute Correction: In this process, the corrections are done all at once using a surgical procedure.
  • Gradual Correction: In this process, the corrections are done gradually. It takes several weeks or months as the process is slow.

Acute Deformity Correction

The bone is cut to form two separate bone segments, this procedure of cutting the bone is known as osteotomy. After this, your doctor will straighten the bone and position it correctly. Then the doctor will insert devices to hold the bone in the correct position while it heals. These devices are nails, rods, or metal plates. Once the bone heals the inserted devices are removed. This is done by performing a second surgery.

During the procedure, an external fixator is also used for the perfect alignment of the bone while nails and rods are used internally to stabilize the bone. The external fixator is removed once the operation is completed but the internal fixators such as nails, rods, and metal plates are kept until the bone heals.

Gradual Deformity Correction

In this process, before performing osteotomy an external fixator is applied to the bone. The separation of bone is followed by performing soft tissue procedures. The soft tissue procedure is performed on the nerve and muscles.

After the operation, the doctor will tell you how to adjust the fixator for gradual straitening of the bone. This process is known as distraction. Thus the two bone segments are pulled apart and gradually straightened while new bone forms in between the gap of the bone. This newly formed bone is known as regenerate bone. During the gradual correction, the external device is adjusted many times a day so that the separation occurs slowly about 1mm per day. This helps in the constant growth of bone, muscles, nerves, and tissues. Physical therapy is needed along with a doctor visit for adjustment. The distraction process is followed by consolidation. In this, the bone slowly regenerates and hardens. Thus the bone is consolidated once it’s hardened and calcified. It takes one month in the distraction phase and two months in the consolidation phase.

What Devices are used in the correction of deformities?

The devices are internal and external and are used depending on the condition. Following are the deformity correction devices:

  • External fixator.
  • The PRECICE nail and PRECICE plate are both internal fixators.
  • Bone staples, rods, and nails are also internal fixators.
  • Spica cast.
  • Wires and pins.

What happens if a gradual correction occurs slowly?

If the gradual correction of the deformity occurs slowly then the bone will heal before fully straightening. Premature consolidation can occur if the regenerated bone hardens before the treatment is completed. Thus the healing of the bone occurs before the alignment and straitening and it is detected by performing X-rays. Normally the separation is 1mm per day but when early consolidation occurs the separation is increased and done 2mm per day. In case the bone has consolidated totally, the bone has to be separated again by using surgical methods.

What happens if a gradual correction occurs quickly?

If the bone is straightened quickly then the bone won’t have enough time to form regenerate bone. To solve this problem a non-surgical method is used where the device is adjusted and the bones separation is reduced, this is done to give the bone time to form regenerate bone. The surgical method to form regenerate bone is to insert bone tissues at the dedicated area.

Risks factors

If regular physical therapy and proper exercise are no done it can reduce muscle strength and range of motion. This will make your doctor stop the treatment. Muscle contracture and nerve problems can also make your doctor stop the treatment process.


In correction of deformities, the deformed bones are straightened and aligned properly to restore their function. Normally there are two ways of doing it Acute Deformity Correction and Gradual Deformity Correction.

What are the two ways by which correction of deformities can be performed?

  • Acute Deformity Correction.
  • Gradual Deformity Correction.

Who specializes in correcting deformities?

An orthopedic surgeon specializes in correcting deformities.


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