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Lab Services

A medical lab service is something referred to a patient by the doctor which helps the doctor to find out the diagnosis of a problem faced by the patient. Lab services provide different types of tests which include :

  1. Blood test - known as the (CBC) test which measures and gives an analysis of all types of cells in the human body
  2. Urinal Analysis
  3. PT Test - A test that measures the amount of time blood takes to clot inside the body.
  4. TSH Test - Known as the thyroid-stimulating test. This test provides information about the thyroid in detail.

Blood Test

The most common test the doctors recommend before diagnosing a major problem is the blood test. Also known as the CBC - complete blood count, this test provides information about all types and amounts of cells present in the human body. The reports can determine problems of low hemoglobin, low counts of white and red blood cells, etc. This test can spot diseases like malaria, typhoid, leukemia, and viral infection.

The test is performed in the lab by the lab assistant who injects a needle and pulls out the blood. The report can be out in 24 hours or even take 2 - 3 days depending on the functionality of the lab. It is advised to consult the doctor after getting the reports and do a follow-up.

Urine Test

Also known as urinal analysis, it is again one of the most common tests recommended by the doctor to check on the patient’s problem. In this test, the patient has to urinate in a cup given by the lab assistant. The results generally take 2 days.

This lab test is used to check the early onset of diseases and also to monitor and control diabetes and kidney diseases.

Prothrombin Time

This test goes by the acronym “PT” or the “Pro Time”. This specific test is used to quantify the amount of time taken by the blood to clot inside the human body. It helps in diagnosing bleeding and excessive blood clotting disorders.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

Also known as the TSH test, this test is a type of blood test which is done to check on the proper functioning of the thyroid. The doctor will ask the patients to get this test done if the person has too much or too little thyroid hormone in their blood.

Thyroid problems occur the most during pregnancy although the symptoms are not easily spotted. It is advised to consult a physician if you see any unusual changes in the body. High levels of TSH indicate Hypothyroidism - a condition where the body does not produce enough thyroid hormones.

Liver Test

This test is also known as the ‘liver panel’. The test is used to measure the enzymes, proteins, and substances produced by your liver. Basically, it sheds light on the entire functioning of your liver.

This particular test is used to help in the diagnosis of ‘Hepatitis’, ‘Cirrhosis’, and all other liver-related diseases.

When to consult a doctor?

It is advisable to consult immediately after you get the report of your tests and do a follow-up. This may prevent any further arousal of side effects and problems and at the same time, provide major help for something that needs to be diagnosed.

How long does it take for the results to come out?

Each type of test will require a different amount of time to be tested and which will decide the amount of time required for the reports to come out. A normal blood test will require around 24 hours - 3 days depending on the functionality of the lab. Rest other tests will also take 1 - 2 days to give the reports.

Why do some tests require you to avoid food before the test?

You must have heard your doctor asking you to avoid any food intake before a lab test. This is because some food items may interfere with your blood levels and cause a sudden spike or low in them. This may create a problem in your blood report. Hence, it is always advised to ask the doctor about the rules that are needed to be followed during the test.

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Lab services provide various tests which are important before or in an ongoing diagnosis. If the doctor has advised you to take a certain type of test, please do not hesitate to take it as it is for your own well-being.

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What should I know prior to my tests?

You should always follow the rules given by your physician in regard to the test. You should keep your file and identity proof with you at all places. You should reach the given lab address on time and also follow the rules given by the lab assistant after the test.

Should I trust my test results?

The result of your report is totally accurate and you should trust the result as the people conducting and giving out your report are trained professionals.

How long will the test take?

Generally, the tests take a few minutes but in some cases when a specialized test needs to be conducted, it can take an hour or so depending on the availability of equipment in the lab.

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