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Speciality Clinics in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

Specialty clinics are those kinds of medical institutions that are reserved mainly for outpatients to look after their health and well-being. They are generally situated inside the hospitals and help the patients to get better access to medication, nursing, and health professionals. The patients admitted to the specialty clinics generally suffer from a particular disease or disorder which requires special medical attention and surveillance.

The amount of time spent by a patient in a specialty clinic is very less compared to the time spent in a normal ward as the patient doesn't get ‘admitted’.

Who can refer you to a specialty clinic?

Generally, it is your family doctor or the doctor that you consult who refers you to a specialty clinic. A prior appointment needs to be taken to visit the clinic. In some of the emergency cases, there might be exceptions on the basis of the emergency but in most of the cases, the standard procedure is followed. It is always advised to keep your file and personal details handy as the nurse will ask for the information during the process of the appointment.

What could be the ideal waiting time for a visit after taking the appointment?

The ideal waiting time will differ from the clinic on the basis of the specialist’s availability, the number of patients, and the functionality of the clinic. It is advised to request your consulted doctor to have a word with the recommended specialist. This will help the specialist gain insight into your problem and also inform him about the appointment.

In case of emergency, the patient’s guardian can seek help from the help desk or the nurses to do the needful.

Different Types of Speciality Clinics seen in a Hospital :

  1. Birth Centers - A birth center is a place reserved for childbirth. These types of centers aim to create and develop a peaceful and clean environment. Such clinics will serve a very kind and gentle nursing staff as the patient suffers through a lot of pain and hence they require high levels of motivation and kindness around them.
  2. Blood Banks - These are built to donate, store, preserve and use the blood for the patients admitted to the hospital.
  3. Gynacs - Gynaecologists are generally referred to as ‘gynacs’. They specialize in the woman’s reproductive system. Their job is to look after the well-being of the women’s reproductive system. They conduct tests and procedures to analyze the problem and provide solutions. They diagnose problems like pelvic pain, endometriosis, and infertility.
  4. Orthopedics - If you suffer from any bone, joint, ligament, or skeletal injury, it is always advised to consult an orthopedic as these are professionals who have specialized in this field and can help you with an accurate diagnosis of the problem.
  5. Physiotherapy - As the name suggests, these health professionals will help you to regain and restore the functioning of a particular part of your body using various therapy methods. These would include the functioning of a hand or a leg after suffering from a serious injury.
  6. Pediatricians - Doctors of this specialization will look into the matter of infants, children, and adolescents. They look after the well-being and provide preventive measures for the same.
  7. Cardiologists - Specialised in the diagnosis of the cardiovascular system, these doctors will look out and deal with problems of the heart, and blood vessels. They will provide medical help to prevent diseases like coronary heart disease, heart attacks, and defects in the heart.
  8. Dermat - Dermatology deals with problems of the skin. A dermatologist is also known as a skin specialist who helps in preventing major skin diseases by giving out proper medication and skincare.

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If you’ve consulted a specialist, it is always advisable to keep a track of your appointments and finish the treatment. Always remember that the specialist is a trained professional hence you should not cut out on the medication and complete the course for your own health benefit.

Things to remember before your appointment.

Always keep your files handy and ask your doctor to talk to the specialist before your first appointment so that the specialist will have an idea of your problem and will be informed about your appointment.

Should someone accompany you to the appointment?

It is always advisable to ask somebody to accompany you to the specialist. This helps in providing moral support and a sense of motivation and at the same time helps during emergencies.

Will I get a medical certificate after the diagnosis?

It depends on the diagnosis as to when you will get a medical certificate but a certificate is guaranteed at all costs. Contact your consulted specialist or doctor for more information.


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