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Best Back Pain  Treatment & Diagnostics in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

Back pain can affect anyone for various reasons, such as bad posture, injury, type of activity, or even due to certain medical conditions. Lower back pain can also be because of degenerative disk disease or occupation. While pain in the lower back can be because of the bony lumbar spine, spinal cord, nerves, and more, upper back pain is caused due to aorta, tumors, and spine or chest inflammation.

What are the Symptoms of Back Pain?

There are different types of symptoms associated with back pain. It can be muscle ache, stabbing sensation, shooting, or burning pain. Sometimes, when back pain gets worse, it can also cause pain in the leg and can deteriorate when you bend, twist, or walk.

When to See a Doctor?

Generally, back pain gets rectified on its own. However, if it persists even after home treatment and self-care, it is recommended that you visit a doctor immediately. You must contact a medical healthcare provider if;

  • If the pain continues even after a week
  • If it doesn’t get better even after sufficient rest
  • Spreads down your legs
  • The back pain causes a tingling sensation or numbness in one or both legs
  • In extreme cases, back pain also leads to bladder problems and fever. If that’s the case you need immediate medical intervention.

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What are the Causes of Back Pain?

Anyone can suffer from back pain without any particular reason. But the main causes of back pain include;

  • Muscle Strain: If you are someone who does repeat heavy lifting, it can lead to muscle or ligament strain. This paired with a poor physical condition can lead to a continual strain causing painful muscle spasms.
  • Ruptured Disks or Bulging Disks: Your spine is made of a stack of bones, which needs a cushion to keep them intact. The disks act as the cushion. But when the disk becomes ruptured or sports a bulge, it can cause back pain. This can be detected with an X-ray.
  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis can cause lower back pain because of spinal stenosis.
  • Osteoporosis: Sometimes, the bones of the spine can become brittle causing fracture of the vertebrae.

What are the Risk Factors?

From children to the elderly, anyone can develop back pain. But the risk factors include;

  • Age: Back pain comes with age. When you turn 30, back pain due to occupation or certain activities becomes common.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: When you lead a lifestyle without any exercise, your muscles become weak and unused, which can cause back pain.
  • Ailments: Arthritis or Cancer can causes back pain.
  • Psychological condition: Depression and anxiety can also lead to back pain.
  • Smoking: Smoking causes coughing, which can cause herniated disks causing back pain.

How to Diagnose Back Pain?

Your doctor might first conduct a complete physical examination, where you might be asked to walk, lift your legs, or bend to check the extent of your back pain. Based on this assessment, other tests might be conducted. They include;

  • X-ray
  • MRI or CT scan
  • Blood tests
  • Bone scan

How to Treat Back Pain?

Generally, back pain gets better with home treatment in a month. But when it becomes severe, medical intervention becomes necessary. Your doctor might suggest over-the-counter painkillers, medicines, physical therapy, and bed rest to help you heal. Your doctor might also recommend light exercises to help you heal. However, if there is too much pain, you must stop the activities and talk to your doctor.

Remember, although back pain is a very common condition, you must opt for medical care when it becomes severe, rather than suffering and let the condition manifest. It helps curb any dangers associated with the condition.





What home treatments can I try for back pain?

When suffering from back pain, you can try over-the-counter painkillers and hot or cold compress to provide relief.

Is back pain dangerous?

Generally, back pain isn’t dangerous. But aforementioned, some symptoms can be a sign of a serious condition. In such cases, it is important to speak to your doctor to curb any severity.

How to reduce the risks of back pain?

To reduce the risks, make sure you consume a well-balanced meal and exercise every day.


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