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Cyst Removal Surgery

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Cyst Removal Surgery in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Cysts are closed sacs that form in the skin or bone, tissues, or organs of the body. These sacs are filled with fluids, skin cells, bacteria, semisolid or gaseous materials, or pus.

The cysts vary in different sizes and are found almost anywhere in the body. As time passes by, more cysts are trapped and grow larger.

Cysts are harmless and do not require treatment generally. The cysts are caused due to following reasons:

  • Blockage in the ducts
  • Swollen hair follicles
  • Infections

There are different types of cysts. Cysts develop anywhere in the body for different reasons.

However, the most common types of cysts include the following:

  • Pilar cysts: The cysts that develop around the hair follicles which are located on the scalp are called pilar cysts
  • Sebaceous cysts: The cysts that develop under the skin on skin and face.
  • Mucous cysts: The cysts that develop when the mucus clogs the glands. These are found on or around the finger, mouth, or hands.

How is Cyst Removal Surgery Performed?

In some cases, the cysts are not necessarily removed as they may cause no harm. The doctor might prefer some other treatments. However, if the cysts are to be removed, the following procedure is performed.

Firstly, the surgeon marks the area from where the cysts are removed and numbs the particular area using general anesthesia. The surgeon then makes a small incision to either drain or remove the sac of cells. Either way, the surgeon stitches the area from where the cysts are pulled out. These stitches remain for two months. The skin then heals from the inside leaving a small scar on the skin.

Laparoscopy: In this procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions using a scalpel and pulls the cysts out with the help of an instrument called a laparoscope. The laparoscope consists of a camera and light at the end of the instrument. It helps in viewing the cysts while they are removed.

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What Are the Benefits of Cysts Removal Surgery?

While performing a cyst removal surgery laparoscopically, it includes the following benefits:

  • Reduced surgery time
  • Speedy recovery
  • Reduced overall pain
  • Minimal stay at the hospital
  • Less blood loss
  • Minimal complications or risks
  • Lesser minimum scarring on the skin
  • Removes source of discomfort

What Are the Side Effects of Cyst Removal Surgery?

The cyst removal surgery may include the following risks or side effects:

  • If the presence of cyst is not confirmed, then the situation simply becomes worse
  • While removing the cysts, it might injure the nearby tissues ligaments or tendons
  • It might lead to the inability of movement of the affected area
  • It may grow back eventually
  • It may lead to the clotting of the blood
  • Scars are left after the surgery

Who Are the Right Candidates for the Cyst Removal Surgery?

Anyone who is experiencing the following symptoms due to the presence of cysts is considered as the right candidate for a cyst removal surgery in Kanpur:

  • Motor weakness
  • Hand pain
  • Bleeding from the affected area
  • Leakage of pus from the affected area
  • Putrid smell due to drainage of rotten cells
  • Infections

How long does a cyst removal surgery take?

Cyst removal surgery is a simple procedure. It usually takes not more than 30 minutes for the surgeon to remove the cysts or drain them

. What if the cyst pops on its own?

Most of the people try to drain or squeeze the cysts when it pops on its own. It is considered very ineffective and very painful. It is generally recommended to see a doctor as he can drain the contents by following a simple medical procedure.

What to expect after a cyst removal surgery?

In most cases, if the surgeon is successful in completely removing the cysts, then the wound is left open to heal. It will continue to drain after the procedure is performed. After the complete drainage, the skin begins to heal from the inside out. However, there are higher risks of the cysts being formed if the doctor was not successful in draining or removing the cysts.

The surgeon stitches the area after the removal of the cysts. This might lead to scarring. The patients may experience mild pain which can be relieved by pain killers prescribed by the doctor.


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