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Gallbladder stones

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Gallbladder stones Treatment & Diagnostics in Chunni Ganj, Kanpur

Gallbladder stones

Gall bladder stones are very common. More than 10 million cases can be seen per year in India. The condition of having gallstones is called cholelithiasis. In this condition, one develops solid stones inside the gallbladder. It is usually caused by excess cholesterol in the body.

What do gallbladder stones mean?

The gallbladder is a small organ situated just beneath your liver. It stores the bile juice, for digestion. When excess cholesterol is found in the juice it turns into hard solids. Having gallbladder stones can be painful for some. These stones can vary in size and quantity.

What are the types of gallbladder stones?

Usually, there are 2 different types of gallbladder stones-

  1. Stones due to excess cholesterol- yellowish-green in color and the most common ones forming 80% of the gallstones.
  2. The pigment stones- usually made of bilirubin, a waste material of the body. These are usually small in size and much pigmented.

What are the symptoms of gallstones?

People with gallstones might not have any symptoms in some people. However, when the solids block the passage, one experiences a range of symptoms like-

  • Extreme pain in your belly, usually on the right side
  • Slight pain in your shoulder (Right) or back
  • Having gastrointestinal problems
  • A feeling of nausea and vomiting
  • Digestive problems such as gas

When should you see a doctor at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur?

You should immediately seek medical help in case you experience any of these warning signs-

  • Constant pain in your stomach pain
  • High fever along with chills
  • Pale skin and yellow eyes
  • Dark-colored urine and light-colored feces

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What causes Gallstones?

Although it’s unclear as to what causes gallstones, certain things may be the reason for them. They could be-

  1. Too much cholesterol is trapped in your bladder- Cholesterol is dissolved in the bile juice to help with digestion. But sometimes there's excess cholesterol that can turn into gallstones.
  2. Too much bilirubin is there in your bile juice- Certain underlying diseases can cause excess bilirubin production, which in turn can lead to more complications like gallstones.
  3. Or it could be because your bladder is unable to empty itself completely which can lead to a concentrated bladder causing gallbladder stones.

What could be the risk factors of gallbladder stones?

Certain factors can increase your risk of developing gallstones such as-

  • Gender-Females are more prone to developing gallstones
  • Age-Gallstones usually develop in people aged 40 or above
  • Weight-Extra weight on your body isn't good for you and may lead to a lot of problems apart from gallstones.
  • Bad lifestyle-An unhealthy lifestyle of being inactive and lazy
  • Pregnancy- Due to a lot of hormonal changes there's always a risk of developing gallstones
  • Imbalanced diet- When you eat a lot of fibers and cholesterol, you could potentially develop stones in your bladder.
  • Even depriving your body of fibers could lead to stones
  • Family problem- If everyone or most people in your family suffers from it, you're likely to develop them too.
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes and blood disorders increase your risk
  • An ill-functioning liver may also cause stones

What could be the complications of gallstones?

Few complications of gallbladder stones could be:

  • Inflammation in your gallbladder, which can cause severe pain
  • Blockage of the passage for bile juice which can cause a jaundice
  • Hindrance in the pancreatic duct, which may lead to hospitalization due to extreme and unbearable pain
  • Formation of cancer in your gallbladder- People with multiple gallbladder stones have a much higher risk of developing cancer.

How can you prevent Gallstones?

There are certain practices one can adopt to prevent gallstones. Although, these might not guarantee the development of gallstones but can certainly reduce the risk.

  • Never skip your meals and eat a healthy diet with fiber and good fats
  • Exercise regularly and be active
  • Don’t try to lose weight in a jiffy

How to treat gallstones?

Your doctor will look at your symptoms to provide an effective solution of treatment. The treatment can include:

  1. Medications- Certain medicines may be prescribed by your doctor to dissolve the stones
  2. Surgery- In some cases when medicines don’t work you are advised to get a surgery done to relieve pain.


Gallstones are very common. It can occur for various reasons and can easily be treated with medication or sometimes surgery. You can request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals. Call 1860-500-2244 to book an appointment.

What does a gallbladder attack mean?

Sometimes you can experience extreme pain after a heavy meal, this can be an indication of gallstones.

How are gallstones diagnosed?

They can be diagnosed through blood tests and imaging tests such as CT scans and ultrasounds.

How can gallstones be prevented?

As discussed above gallstones can be prevented with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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