Breast Specialist Doctor in Mumbai

A breast specialist doctor is a specialized medical practitioner who is an expert in diagnosis and treatment of breast related problems. If you are experiencing issues such as breast lump, pain, nipple discharge or inversion, a breast specialist has an answer to all your breast problems. Apollo Spectra is a leader when it cones to breast care. We are staffed by highly skilled breast specialists to provide best comprehensive breast care in  Mumbai.

Why do you need a breast specialist?

Your general physician might get a glimpse of the probable cause and initiate some tests but diagnosing the root cause will be out of his scope. Similarly, your gynecologist will also have limited information about breast related issues. Efficient treatment needs expert knowledge and diagnosis.

A breast specialist has an in-depth knowledge of all the conditions, types, causes, symptoms and treatment of the problem. He provides a holistic approach towards treating any breast problem you may have.

Why choose Apollo Spectra?

Breast cancer is a major breast related disease but there a are lot of other problems that your breast might have. Some of them are:
1) Breast Lump

Lumps of tissues can be commonly found in breasts. Well, it is not necessary that lump is the source of cancer. Your breast specialist will diagnose the cause through a series of tests to reveal further information about any underlying causes.

The specialist might also check for cysts that are fluid-filled lumps. All lumps are not harmful but your doctor will conduct the necessary tests to eliminate any chances of cancer.

2) Breast pain

Breast pain is frequent during the menstrual cycle and often ends on its own. Tissue injury, skin injury and spinal problems can also be a cause of pain. However, if the pain and the tenderness persist, you should get it checked by your breast specialist.

3) Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge refers to any fluid flowing out from the nipples. Discharged fluid might be greenish, white, yellowish or colourless depending upon the presence of an infection. Well, if the discharge is spontaneous or bloody, then you should consult your specialist

Your specialist will examine through various tests to ensure that the cause of secretion is cancerous or not.

4) Sore,cracked or itchy nipples

Sore, cracked or itchy nipples are a prevalent problem in pregnant women. It may be caused due to an infection or more alarming underlying cause such as cancer. It’s important to get it diagnosed by your doctor to eliminate any potential risk.

5) Inverted nipple

Some women suffer from nipples that are turned in or inverted. If you recently stopped breastfeeding then you may suffer from this problem.
This is normal if you always had indented nipples. If your nipples recently started pointing in and its new to you, talk to your specialist right away.

6) Breast or nipple infection

All infections require prompt treatment. An inflammation or infection of the nipple may cause yellowish discharge which needs to be treated. Mastitis is one of the most common breast infections resulting in redness, pain, and swelling. It’s essential you seek medical advice to diagnose any potential risks.

How is evaluation and diagnosis done before treatment?

Apollo Spectra follows a well-researched treatment and diagnostic process which includes the following steps:

1)The doctor will first diagnose your symptoms and list the probable causes.

2) He will inquire about you and your family’s health history of any breast related problems.

3) He will inquire about your lifestyle and dieting habits.

4) If you went through any prior tests, the specialist will have a look and suggest if you need any further tests.

5) After diagnosing the problem, your breast specialist will start the treatment which may include medications or surgery if necessary.

It’s not necessary that all breast conditions leads to cancer or need treatment but it’s impractical to ignore any issue which can potentially cause you harm. Our team of breast specialists will provide you with the essential details and diagnostics to ensure your breasts are healthy.

Why Apollo Spectra?

Apollo Spectra offers its patients the highest quality breast care in a compassionate, comfortable and healing environment. All treatments are performed incorporating the latest quality checks and the support staff offers unmatched care and support. Our highly skilled team of breast specialists dedicate themselves to ensure you get the best breast care.