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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treatment & Diagnostics in Chembur, Mumbai

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)

Are you looking for a back pain specialist near me that can help you with failed back surgery syndrome? This article will assist you. The term, FBSS, is a misnomer since it is not indeed a syndrome. However, this general term is frequently used to describe the condition of individuals who have had a poor outcome in back or spine surgery and who continue to have pain after surgery.

Unfortunately, even with the finest surgeon and most significant indications, spine surgery is only 95% predictive of successful results.

Symptoms of FBSS

Below are the sorts of back and neck pain after failed back surgery.

  • Chronic pain: Sustainable and significant pain beyond 12 weeks

Chronic pain is the reverse of acute pain, which can cause severe short-term suffering. Acute pain is typical during the recovery from spinal surgery, but it will decrease as the spine recovers.

  • Radicular pain

A subset of nerve pain, also known as radicular pain (neuropathy), can be felt in many parts of the body.

Causes Leading to FBSS

There are various reasons for the recurrence or development of new symptoms immediately or shortly after the surgery. 

  1. Maybe the original diagnosis was incorrect. For example, an operating mistake happened, or a physical accident occurred after back surgery, or pre-existing health conditions raised the risk of FBSS.
  2. After back surgery, a spinal infection might result in pain and other issues.
  3. A recurring diagnosis (e.g., hernia disk), epidural fibrosis (scar tissues surrounding the spinal nerve roots), or arachnoiditis may trigger pain after a few months of spinal surgery.
  4. Degenerative changes, spinal instability (e.g., spondylolisthesis), or spinal stenosis may be the source of pain years after the spine surgery. These diseases may arise on your surgery site or at the next spinal level.
  5. Epidural fibrosis can develop months after spinal surgery and may result in pain spikes. For example, epidural fibrosis can cause sciatica – radiation of leg pain for patients who have had lower back (lumbar) surgery. Scar tissues can also produce spinal adhesions after spinal surgery. Spinal adhesions are bands of tissues that tug on tissues that are not entirely connected. 
  6. Spinal infection: Post-surgical infection symptoms include fever, chills, headaches, sores, and redness. These and other post-surgery symptoms usually appear within a few weeks. However, infections can occur in up to 4 percent of surgeries, and persons with spinal instrumentation, prolonged backbone surgeries, and recurring spine operations are at increased risk of infection.

When to See a Doctor If You’re Suffering from Fbss

Failed back surgery syndrome is recognized and treated by pain management specialists. Make an appointment with a trained pain management specialist at Apollo Hospital now to explore your treatment choices.

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Risk Factors

  • Mental and emotional issues (e.g., depression, anxiety)
  • Obesity
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Patients suffer from persistent pain caused by other disorders, such as fibromyalgia.

Preoperative risk factors connected to the surgeon include:

  • Inadequate patient selection,i.e., selecting a patient who will not improve after surgery.
  • Ineffective surgical planning

Treatment for FBSS

If you have Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS), you should see a doctor who specializes in spinal surgery and can figure out why you're still in pain after surgery. There are various causes for this, as indicated above. In addition, the underlying reason for your pain is investigated if you were misdiagnosed.

If you incurred an injury during the process and are suffering from a secondary condition induced indirectly by the operation, these must be appropriately assessed.
Seek advice from a doctor. After diagnosing your underlying problem, your doctor will be able to select the appropriate treatment strategy for you.

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Apart from the existence of the surgically ameliorable disease, our approach to FBSS management considers the constraints of surgical intervention on the spine and a variety of patient-related variables that might contribute to unsatisfactory results. Surgery should be performed in individuals with primarily axial pain with the awareness that many individuals will not respond to therapy.

It is impossible to stress the necessity of a skilled multidisciplinary team in FBSS. Improvements in outcomes for people with FBSS need collaboration between doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, and other allied health professionals.

What does "failed back surgery syndrome" mean?

Failed back surgery syndrome is a broad phrase that refers to the symptoms and problems that might occur after a back surgery goes wrong. The symptoms might be a recurrence of old ones or the emergence of new ones due to the procedure.

What treatment options are available?

Because failed back surgery syndrome is such a broad illness, therapy choices vary greatly. Doctors will frequently advise patients to return to a conservative treatment regimen to control their symptoms. Pain medication, physical therapy, rest intervals, weight loss, and hot and cold compression treatment are examples of this.

Will I require additional treatment after FBSS?

Because FBSS is a disorder with a variety of causes, each case is unique. If weeks or months of conservative therapy fail to alleviate or worsen symptoms, further surgery can be a possibility.

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