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Colon Cancer

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Best Colon Cancer Treatment & Diagnostics in Chembur, Mumbai

Colon cancer originates from your large intestine and is one of the commonest cancers in the digestive tract. Although it affects older adults, it can occur at any age.

What do we need to know about colon cancer surgeries?

Colon cancer can present with small benign growth or polyps inside the colon. These tiny growths later develop into colon cancer. When identified early, you can treat these polyps and prevent cancerous growth. Prompt treatment for colon cancer has better outcomes.

You can consult a colon cancer surgeon near you. Surgeries are available at colon cancer hospitals in Mumbai.

What causes colon cancer?

Although genetic mutations of the cells lining the colon from inside can result in rapid growth and accumulation, certain factors can increase your risk of developing cancer. Chronic inflammation of the colon, diabetes, obesity and colon polyps can contribute to colon cancer. 

Some studies also suggest that lack of fiber coupled with high fats and calories in the diet can increase your colon cancer risk. The actual cause remains unknown, and research is underway to determine the same.

What are the symptoms that may lead to colon cancer surgeries?

The polyps in the colon can sometimes display early symptoms, making them easy to diagnose. You can prevent colon cancer by addressing these polyps. As the condition progresses, you will have changes in bowel movements. 

Symptoms of colon cancer will include:

  • Change in the frequency of passing stool
  • Incomplete emptying of the bowel
  • A feeling of fullness and cramping in the abdomen
  • You may have constipation or diarrhea
  • Bleeding in the stool
  • Abdominal pain
  • Getting tired and fatigued
  • Sudden, unexplained weight loss

When do you need to see a doctor?

Early diagnosis of colon cancer can help you recover from cancer faster. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, consult your doctor immediately.

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What are the treatment options for colon cancer?

The stage and spread of cancer and your health status together can direct the treatment approach.


Your doctor will inject specific drugs to destroy the cancerous cells. Your doctor can also recommend chemotherapy before the surgery to control the tumor size or after the surgery as an adjunct.

Radiation therapy

It uses targeted radiation to destroy cancerous cells. Radiations can help shrink the cancer mass and is a treatment for reducing the symptoms when surgery is not an option. Just like chemotherapy, it can be an adjunct to surgery.


It involves the administration of drugs to stimulate your immune cells to recognize and target cancerous cells. It is a treatment approach reserved for advanced stages of colon cancer.

What are the surgical options for colon cancer?

The options vary as per the size and extent of your colon cancer.

For Early-stage Cancer

Minimally invasive surgeries are effective for small, early-diagnosed colon cancers. These include:

  • Polypectomy - Removing the polyps present in your colon during the colonoscopy.
  • Endoscopic mucosal resection - Larger polyps are excised along with a small portion of the surrounding colon lining.
  • Laparoscopic surgery - When colonoscopy fails to excise the polyps, your doctor may perform laparoscopic surgery. They will make small incisions in your abdominal wall to take out the polyps.

For Advanced-stage Cancer

In advanced cancer, it grows into the colon or the surrounding structures. For such advanced-stage cancers, you may require:

  • Partial colectomy - Your surgeon will remove a part of the colon containing cancer along with the margins. The healthy portions of your colon are then connected.  
  • Ostomy - If it is impossible to connect the colon to the rectum, your surgeon may create an opening in the wall of your abdomen. This opening will facilitate the elimination of stool into a colostomy bag fitted over it. It can also be a temporary procedure to allow healing time to your body following the surgery.
  • Lymph node removal - Your surgeon can also excise the surrounding lymph nodes to test them for cancer presence.

If your cancer is very advanced and metastasized, your surgeon may recommend surgery to help relieve the symptoms. Such surgery is non-curative and only aims at removing the blockage to provide you symptomatic relief.


Early detected colon cancer is curable. The survival rate for people with early detected cancer receiving prompt treatment is also high. However, recurrence of this cancer can be fatal.

Is colon cancer lethal?

Colon cancer has a high mortality rate. Early de

Is colon surgery painful?

The surgery will be under sedation, and you will not feel anything. For the post-surgical abdominal and incisional pain, you will need medications to manage the pain.

Can surgery cure colon cancer?

A Surgical removal of the cancerous segments of the colon can cure cancer at the early stages. But if the tumor spreads around and outside of the colon, the success rate is lower. Also, cancer can recur.


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