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Lymph Node Biopsy

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Lymph Node Biopsy Treatment & Diagnostics in Chembur, Mumbai

Overview of the Lymph Node Biopsy Procedure

Lymph nodes contain lymphocytes that activate defense mechanisms and obstruct the infiltration of foreign bodies into the immune system. Lymph nodes are located all over the body: head, neck, abdomen, armpit, chest, etc. These nodes swell up when they sense an infection or growth of cancer cells. Lymph node biopsy is done to find out the cause of any abnormality in lymph nodes.

What is Lymph Node Biopsy? About the Procedure

Lymph Node Biopsy is a diagnostic test to examine the presence of any infection in the lymph nodes. A sample of the lymph tissue is collected and sent for examination. Through the dissection of the tissue, the surgeon can look for inflammation or cancerous tumors in the affected lymph nodes. The inflamed lymph nodes will create a lump in the area and can induce pain or tenderness. 

  1. Preparing for the procedure
    Before conducting the Biopsy, the surgeon will conduct a physical examination of the area. You will be asked about your medical history (including your allergies) and medications. The doctor will explain the procedure in a detailed way and answer your doubts. A day prior, you will be admitted to the hospital so that the doctor can monitor your vitals and if necessary, certain tests may be conducted. The doctor will ask you to fast for 6-8 hours before the surgery. 
  2. During the Procedure
    There are three ways of doing Lymph Node Biopsy
    • Needle Biopsy: This is a 10-15 minutes procedure. Anesthesia is applied to the affected area while inserting the needle to extract the tissue sample, after which the site will be bandaged.
    • Open Biopsy: This may be an incisional or excisional procedure lasting 30-60 minutes. The surgeon may make a small cut and remove either the entire or a portion of the lymph node. Either local or general anesthesia will be given to you.
    • Sentinel Node Biopsy: It is done when the doctor already knows about the existence of cancer in the nodes. The doctor will inject a blue dye or radioactive substance to trace the cancer growth in sentinel nodes.
  3. After the Procedure
    After the surgery, you will be kept in the hospital under the doctor’s observation to check how your body reacts to the surgery. You will experience pain and tenderness on the site for some days. You will have to take some precautions post-biopsy. However, do seek urgent medical advice if you experience fatigue, fever, or chills.

Who Should Undergo a Lymph Node Biopsy?

If you are experiencing any unusual swelling composed of a hard mass anywhere on your body or if you are a cancer patient, your doctor may ask you to undergo a lymph node biopsy.

Why is the Lymph Node Biopsy Done?

  • Lymph Node Biopsy is done for the following reasons:
  • To determine whether the cell mass is cancerous.
  • In case of cancer patients, to determine the spread of cancer.

What are the Benefits of Undergoing This Procedure?

The results of the biopsy will arrive in about a week and your doctor will inform you if it was just an infection or if it is cancer. If there is any indication of cancer, you may have to undergo some tests. Undergoing a biopsy will help you avail timely medical intervention and can be potentially life-saving.

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What are the risk factors of Lymph Node Biopsy?

Just like any other surgical procedure, the biopsy may have some risks as:

  • Pain: After the biopsy, you are likely to feel slight discomfort in the area. You can ease the pain through prescribed painkillers.
  • Infection: Your doctor will advise you to take antibiotics to avoid any chance of infection in the wound. 
  • Nerve injury: Lymph Node Biopsy is an incisive technique and can cause some nerve injury while conducting the biopsy. Adequate medications will be prescribed by the doctor in such a case.


Cancer takes a toll on the lives of millions of people every year, primarily due to delayed diagnosis. You can avoid this if you notice the signs and symptoms carefully. Lymph Node Biopsy is one of the tests that can help in the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 





Are the results of the Biopsy reliable?

Yes, the results of the Biopsy are accurate. In case of inconclusive results, your doctor may ask you to undergo the test once more.

Is it necessary that I have cancer if I have swollen Lymph Nodes?

You need not have cancer. There may be other reasons such as injury, infection, or inflammation in the nodes.

What is Lymphedema?

Removal of the Lymph Node causes Lymphedema. It creates a blockage in the lymphatic system that further causes swelling in the arms.

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