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Ankle Arthroscopy

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Best Ankle Arthroscopy Treatment & Diagnostics in Chembur, Mumbai

If your joints show inflammation, are injured, or get damaged, you must undergo surgical treatment. Such surgery in which the doctor diagnoses, and treats problems inside the joints, is termed arthroscopy. Arthroscopy uses an arthroscope to cut and view the joint. Ankle Arthroscopy surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure involving an arthroscope to operate in and around the ankle joint.  

Who Qualifies for Ankle Arthroscopy?

If you have constantly been suffering from Bruising, pain, and swelling in the ankle, you might need to undergo ankle arthroscopy. Other reasons to undergo this surgery are:

  1. The ankle feels like it has been locked
  2. Ankle becomes unstable
  3. Ankle dislocation as a result of some defect in the cartilage at the tip of the bones
  4. Damage in ankle ligament
  5. Inflammation in the joint lining 
  6. Scarring within joints

Why is Ankle Arthroscopy Conducted?

There could be several reasons leading to ankle injury like:

  1. Twisting the ankle or ankle sprain
  2. Walking, running, or falling on an uneven surface
  3. Slipping on a rough surface
  4. Sudden impact (maybe an accident or crash)
  5. Improper landing after a jump

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How to Prepare for Ankle Arthroscopy?

Before undergoing Ankle Arthroscopy, you must avoid consuming medications and dietary supplements and avoid eating anything after midnight before the surgery. You must wear loose and comfortable clothing while visiting the hospital. Before the surgery, the doctor will check your vital signals.

How is Ankle Arthroscopy Performed?

Before Ankle Arthroscopy, the doctor will administer you with local or general anesthesia for sedation. Two small incisions are made in the front and back of the ankle, acting as these portals. Through these, arthroscopic cameras and instruments can enter the ankle. Through the arthroscope, sterile fluid is allowed to flow in the joints for a clear view. With the help of surgical tools and instruments, the surgeon cuts, grasps, grinds, and provides suction to repair the joint. All the damaged cartilages associated with the ankle joint are removed, and this procedure can be combined with ankle fusion surgery. After the surgery, the portals are closed by stitches and sutures.  

After Ankle Arthroscopy

After undergoing Ankle Arthroscopy, you can go back to your home after a couple of hours. The follow-up procedure includes the consumption of medications to relieve pain and inflammation. You must R.I.C.E. or rest, ice, compress, and elevate joints to reduce pain and swelling after the surgery. Ankle Arthroscopy specialist will ask you to walk using a temporary splint or crunches.

Benefits of Ankle Arthroscopy

There are many benefits associated with Ankle Arthroscopy like:

  1. Quick rehabilitation
  2. Better and quicker results than ankle fusion surgery
  3. Quick healing
  4. Less scarring
  5. Fewer risks of infection 

Risks or Complications Associated With Ankle Arthroscopy

Although Ankle Arthroscopy surgery is a safe procedure, yet there are some complications associated with it like:

  1. Blood vessel or nerve damage
  2. Bleeding or blood clotting
  3. Infection
  4. Problems due to anesthesia
  5. Still unstable ankle


Ankle Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that forms the image of the ankle joint, thus helps in examination of the injury, followed by the treatment. Arthroscopy specialists now prefer ankle Arthroscopy since it leads to a speedy recovery, a few complications, and less scarring than traditional surgery. You must take precautions while walking after Ankle Arthroscopy to fasten the recovery post-surgery.







When can I do my work and exercises after the surgery?

You can resume your work after a couple of weeks post-surgery, but you must resume high-level sports activities after 4-6 weeks of recovery.

Is it safe for me to drive after an ankle arthroscopy?

You must start driving only after you are fit enough to bear weight on your legs.

Do I need to go through physiotherapy after undergoing ankle arthroscopy?

After ankle arthroscopy, you must limit the motion of your ankle to recover the strength and fasten healing. If you undergo physiotherapy, it can be helpful for quicker recovery and reducing the pain.

What is the best way for the fastest recovery after ankle arthroscopy?

The RICE method is the best way for your recovery, including rest, ice (to reduce swelling), compression, and elevation of the treated joint.


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