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Cyst Treatment in Chembur, Mumbai

Formation of cysts in the ovaries is one of the most common forms of gynecological disorders. Gynecology hospitals in Mumbai offer the best treatment for all types of gynecological cysts.

What is a cyst?

A cyst is a sac-like pocket of tissue that contains fluids or other semi-solid substances. Most of the ovarian cysts are functional, i.e. they take part in the menstrual cycle. Often women don’t even know about these cysts. However, grown or mature cysts pose a danger as they may burst or twist inside the ovaries, causing severe pain. Gynecology doctors in Mumbai can help you know more about the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gynecology cysts.

What are the types of cyst? 

  • Follicle cysts: These cysts relate to follicles that are sacs in which eggs grow. Thus, these sacs are located in the ovaries. When a follicle fails to open and release an egg, it causes fluid accumulation that creates cysts.
  • Corpus luteum cysts: In this case, the follicle doesn’t open and get sealed. The cyst caused by the additional fluid in the follicle is called a corpus luteum cyst.
  • Dermoid cysts: These are sac-like growths on the ovaries that contain hairs, skin tissues and sometimes bones, teeth, fat tissues, etc.
  • Cystadenomas cysts: These cysts develop on the outer surface of the ovary.
  • Endometriomas: These cysts are formed when the tissues that were supposed to grow inside the uterus start growing outside it and get attached to the ovaries.

What are the symptoms?

  • Abdominal swelling or excessive bloating
  • Painful bowel movements
  • Severe pelvic pain before or during the menstrual cycle
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Severe pain in lower back or thighs
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid breathing
  • Fever

What causes cysts?

There may be different causes. Some cysts may be caused by improper tissue growth; some are caused by trapping of fluids in sac-like structures. Some other cysts like dermoids are present from birth and contain specific tissues, blood and fluids. 

When do you need to see a doctor?

All gynecology issues require immediate attention. If you have the symptoms mentioned above, consult a gynecologist near you.

You can request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Chembur, Mumbai.

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What are the risks?

  • Pelvic infections
  • Multiple ovarian cysts 
  • Bleeding
  • Hormonal issues
  • Endometriosis

What are the complications?

  • Ovarian torsion is a highly painful process in which the ovary is moved and twisted by the cyst.
  • Cyst rupturing during vaginal sexual intercourse or any other physical activity.
  • The bursting of infected cysts releases bacteria into the body.

How are cysts treated?

  • Scans:
    An ultrasound, CT scan or MRI is taken to know the details about the gynecology cysts.
  • A thorough examination of previous medical records

Any cyst hospital in Mumbai will go through your previous medical records before preparing to treat gynecology cysts.


Having a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious food are the best ways to prevent different gynecology cysts.

How can I know that I have a cyst?

Different tests like ultrasound, CT scan and pelvic MRI can detect gynecology cysts.

How are cysts treated?

The treatment of gynecology cysts depends on their type and size.

Do gynecology cysts are painful?

Yes, big cysts can cause severe pain.


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