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Neuropathic Pain

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Neuropathic Pain Treatment & Diagnostics in Chembur, Mumbai

Neuropathic Pain

Normally, you experience pain because of an injury or impact. Patients with neuropathic pain often describe the sensation of pain as burning or shooting pain with no obvious injury or impact. Neuropathic pain is persistent pain caused by nerve diseases, injuries, and infections. 

Neuropathic pain can strike with varying intensity and with no obvious stimulus or event. It is a chronic and progressive condition that affects nerves. Neuropathic pain treatment in Mumbai comprises medication, physical therapy, massage therapy, and counseling.  

What are the Symptoms of Neuropathic Pain?

The most obvious symptom of neuropathic pain is a stabbing, burning, or shooting sensation. Some patients may also complain of tingling and numbness or temporary loss of sensation. In addition, you may experience:

  • Pain with no stimulus - You may feel a pricking sensation or shock-like feeling even if you are not touching a live electric current. 
  • Unusually intense pain in response to a minor impact - You may experience excessive pain in response to an impact of light intensity. 
  • Triggering of pain even with a slight touch - You may get a painful sensation in response to a light stimulus such as the touch of cloth. 

Neuropathic pain can also cause symptoms of depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. 

Causes of Neuropathic Pain

There is no obvious cause of neuropathic pain in a majority of individuals. There can be several factors that can cause neuropathic pain, including vitamin B deficiency, thyroid, and carpal tunnel syndrome, which involves compression of the nerve that passes through your hand.

The following are a broad classification of causative factors:

  • Diseases and conditions - Common causes of neuropathic pain are chronic alcoholism, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and trigeminal neuralgia, which presents as neuropathic pain on one side of the face. Some infections, such as syphilis and shingles, can also cause neuropathic pain. 
  • Nerve damage following injuries – Accidental injuries may cause nerve damage. The damage can be permanent, even after the injuries to tissues, muscles, and joints have healed.
  • Amputation - Phantom limb syndrome may cause neuropathic pain, as the brain imagines that the amputated limb is still there and sends pain signals through nerves. 

When to See a Doctor if You are Suffering from Neuropathic Pain?

Neuropathic pain is not a life-threatening condition that requires emergency treatment. However, an experienced neuropathic pain specialist in Mumbai can help you deal with pain and provide relief from other symptoms such as anxiety, sleep disorders, and restlessness. Your doctor will diagnose your condition to determine the underlying cause. 

There are several treatment options to prevent further progression of neuropathic pain and avoid permanent nerve damage. If you are experiencing neuropathic pain, which is disturbing your daily activities and sleep, you should visit an established neuropathic pain hospital in Chembur for diagnosis and treatment.

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What is the Treatment for Neuropathic Pain?

Neuropathic pain is a progressive and chronic condition. Pain relief and improved quality of life are important goals of neuropathic pain treatment. The treatment involves a multidisciplinary approach. The following are broad categories to treat neuropathic pain:

  • Medication – Analgesics are the most common medicines to relieve neuropathic pain, but these may not be effective in a majority of patients. Physicians also use antidepressants or medicines used to treat epilepsy to block nerve impulses. 
  • Physical treatment – Traditional physical treatments, such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and physiotherapy, may sometimes be effective. Sometimes, anesthetics can provide relief from neuropathic pain as these can effectively block the nerves.  
  • Psychological treatment – Since anxiety and depression can trigger or worsen neuropathic pain, doctors may recommend the use of psychotropic drugs. In addition, doctors can suggest counseling, lifestyle changes, and pain management techniques to deal with neuropathic pain. 

Consult an expert physician for reliable neuropathic pain treatment in Mumbai. 

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Neuropathic pain is a chronic and progressive condition that can disturb normal life. Timely diagnosis and treatment promise the prevention of other complications such as depression and sleep disorders. You can explore multiple treatment options to manage the pain and other concerns of neuropathic pain by consulting an expert neuropathic pain specialist in Chembur. 

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Is there a permanent cure for neuropathic pain?

Neuropathic pain is a chronic condition causing a painful sensation that may disappear, sustain, or worsen. You can effectively manage pain and other symptoms and lead a normal life by seeking neuropathic pain treatment in Mumbai from a reliable physician.

Is it possible to arrest the progression of neuropathy pain?

Most people can effectively stop the progression with neuropathic pain treatment in Mumbai. The treatment can involve medication, therapy, and lifestyle modification.

Is it okay to perform workouts if someone is suffering from neuropathy pain?

Exercise is not advisable if you have severe neuropathic pain, as numbness due to neuropathic pain can cause injury and fractures. You may consult an experienced neuropathic pain specialist in Mumbai to understand your options.

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