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Fusion of joints

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Fusion of joints Treatment & Diagnostics in Chembur, Mumbai

Fusion of joints

Arthritis causes pain, and stiffness in the joints and leads to swelling and tenderness. This could happen due to damage to the joints, and thus surgical treatment turns out to be highly effective. Fusion of joints is done by Joint Fusion surgery or arthrodesis. This surgical procedure involves the fusion of two bones in the painful joint. Thus, one solid bone is formed, reduces the pain, strengthens the joint, and makes it more stable.

Various symptoms are demonstrated by your body if you are suffering from Arthritis and need to undergo Fusion of joints, like:

  1. Pain and stiffness in the joints
  2. Swelling of the limbs
  3. Restricted movement
  4. Redness near the place of pain

Who qualifies for fusion of joints?

If you have been constantly suffering from swelling, redness, warmth, and pain in your joints, then you must consult an orthopedic specialist near you. The orthopedic specialist will suggest you undergo a fluid test like blood, urine, or joint fluid, X-Ray, CT scan, or MRI. After examining the result, the treatment method will be decided. 

Why is Fusion of joints done?

If even after physiotherapy and medications, the pain and suffering in the joints cannot be cured, then, you require surgery. Fusion of joints is an effective surgical treatment if you have been suffering from arthritis for a long time since Arthritis causes damage to your joints. In case of degenerative disk diseases and scoliosis, you can undergo a Fusion of joints. Joint fusion surgery can be done to treat joints in the spine, wrists, fingers, ankle, and thumb.

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How to Prepare for Fusion of Joints?

Before undergoing the fusion of the joint, your orthopedic surgeon will examine your blood test reports, X-ray, CT scan, or MRI scan of the joint. After the analyses of the vital signs, surgery can be performed.

How is Joint Fusion surgery performed?

Before Ankle fusion surgery you are administered with either general or local anesthesia. The orthopedic surgeon makes an incision in your skin to remove the damaged cartilage from the joint. A small piece of bone removed either from your pelvic bone, below your knee, or heel is placed in between the joints to help in the fusion process. Sometimes the doctor can use the bones received from the bone bank. This is followed by the use of metal plates, wires, and screws to close the space between the joints. The incision is then closed with the help of stitches, and sutures. This hardware can be removed, but in some individuals, they are permanent to help in healing.

After the Fusion of joints

Since after the surgery, your joints will be fused as the recovery process takes some time. After fusion of joints, you need to walk with the help of crutches, walker, or wheelchair. The treated area is protected with a cast or brace, and you must apply less weight to the joint. You might feel stiffness in the joints and restricted motion. Your doctor will prescribe you anti-inflammatory medicines to provide relief from inflammation.

Risks or complications related to Fusion of joints

Although Joint Fusion surgery is considered by orthopedic surgeons, yet there are some risks associated with it:

  1. Bleeding or blood clotting
  2. Infection
  3. Arthritis in nearby joints
  4. Broken hardware
  5. Painful scar tissue
  6. Pseudoarthrosis – when bones cannot properly fuse after the surgery in smokers


The pain in the joints as a result of arthritis can be reduced effectively after joint fusion surgery. Since the procedure involves fusion of the joints, it gives long-lasting relief to your joints. The surgery is minimally invasive and hence is considered very safe. After the surgery, you must be cautious while working and using the joints.






What could be the reason for arthritis in people?

Arthritis can be due to many reasons like age, obesity, family history, previous injury during sports activities.

How long does it take to completely recover from the fusion of joints?

Fusion of joints takes nearly 10 weeks or maybe longer. You must give sufficient relaxation to your joint to fasten the healing process.

What will happen if even after the surgery, my joints do not fuse?

In rare cases, even after the surgery, your joints might not fuse. This shows symptoms like swelling, pain, tenderness, and restricted movement of the joints even after 8-10 weeks of the surgery.

What are the factors that could reduce the process of healing?

If you are putting a lot of weight on your joint that has undergone surgery, it slows down the healing process. Also, smokers suffer the same problem since smoking constricts the blood vessels, and decreases blood circulation in your body.

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