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Rotator Cuff Repair

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Rotator Cuff Repair Treatment & Diagnostics in Chembur, Mumbai

Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery is a surgical procedure to repair a tendon (a tissue that attaches muscle to other body parts like bones) in the shoulder. People can injure their rotator cuff due to poor movement, slouching or a sportsperson can injure their tendons due to repetitive stress on the shoulder.  

The rotator cuff tendons cover the head of the humerus or the upper arm bone, which helps to rotate the arm.

You will need a qualified, experienced, and the best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai to perform this procedure successfully.

About the Rotator Cuff Repair Procedure

  • The surgery is given under general or local anesthesia
  • The Orthopaedic surgeon perform the procedure with an arthroscope (a small tube with a small video camera and light) or will make a large or a small incision for the procedure
  • The surgeon uses different surgical instruments to reattach the tendon to the bone with sutures (a stitch or multiple stitches to hold a surgical wound together).
  • The ortho surgeon may attach a rivet or a metal plate with the suture to reinforce the attachment between tendons and the bone.
  • Some people have a bone spur (a bony growth on the edge of the bone) or calcium deposit that can be removed with this procedure.
  • After the procedure, the orthopedic surgeon will keep you under observation till it is certain that the rotator cuff is fully repaired.

Who Qualifies for Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery?

  • People who repeatedly stress their rotator cuff may need a rotator cuff repair procedure; for example, tennis and baseball players and swimmers are at a high risk of rotator cuff injury.
  • A rotator cuff repair procedure is usually recommended if you have a recent injury.

Why is the Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery Conducted?

The best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai will thoroughly diagnose your condition and recommend the procedure if there is one of the following conditions.

  • Complete rotator cuff tear
  • Tear due to recent injury
  • Even after several months of physical therapy, your condition has not improved.
  • It is also recommended if your day-to-day activities or profession is getting affected due to the condition.
  • In case of a partial tear, a rotator cuff repair procedure is usually not recommended. You can restore your health with adequate rest and regular physical therapy.

What are the Different Types of Rotator Cuff Repair Surgeries?

There are three common types of Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery Procedures. Open repair, mini-open repair, and arthroscopy repair.

  • Open surgical procedure is also known as traditional surgery. During the repair procedure, the orthopedic surgeon makes an incision over the shoulder to better access the torn tendon. It is preferred if the tear is large or complex or there is a need for tendon transfer.
  • Mini-open repair surgery uses arthroscopy to treat the damaged structure in the joint, and the surgeon repairs the affected rotator cuff with a small incision.
  • During the arthroscopy repair procedure, the surgeon inserts a small camera in the shoulder joint. The surgery is conducted with thin surgical instruments inserted with a small incision while the surgeon can view a detailed shoulder structure on the video screen.

What are the Benefits of Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery?

The success rate of a rotator cuff repair surgery is relatively high. If you undergo rigorous physical therapy and rest well after the procedure, there is a high chance of restoring the shoulder’s normal function.

Some patients may feel weak, pain, or stiffness even after a few months of the procedure. It is normal unless either of the conditions becomes unbearable even after taking regular medication and physical therapy.

Sportspeople may need complete rest for a few months after the surgery before starting playing the sport again.

What are the Risks Associated with Rotator Cuff Repair Procedure?

Some risks associated with any surgical procedure are a reaction to anesthesia that includes abnormal bleeding, breathlessness, or formation of blood clots. After a rotator cuff repair surgery, a patient is susceptible to reactions from anesthesia. 

There are minimal chances, but your symptoms may resurface even after the rotator cuff repair procedure. During the process, there might be an injury to your blood vessels or tendon.

These risks are drastically reduced if you approach the best orthopedic surgeon in Chembur, Mumbai.

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The success of the rotator cuff repair procedure is usually high. Postoperative care, physical therapy, and the amount you rest are other critical factors to your recovery. You must discuss the recovery plan with the orthopedic surgeon and understand the best way to reinstate normal activities. If you are a sportsperson, you may consider incorporating shoulder exercises for a faster road to recovery after consulting with the orthopedic surgeon.

How long does the rotator cuff repair surgery last?

The procedure may take any time between two to three hours. It may take longer if you include preoperative and postoperative care.

What are the precautions after the procedure?

You will need to rest the operated shoulder for at least two to three months after the surgery. Do not exert the shoulder and discuss any physical therapy plan with the orthopedic specialist.

Is the procedure painful?

After the rotator cuff repair procedure, patients may feel discomfort or pain for a few days. You should get in touch with the orthopedic doctor in case of any unusual symptoms.

Are there any alternatives to the rotator cuff repair procedure?

The orthopedic surgeon will thoroughly examine the damage and your condition before recommending the procedure. Delaying the surgery or opting for alternate treatments may sometimes cause further damage to the rotator cuff tear.


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