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Breast Health

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Breast health

Breast health is an emerging topic of concern due to the rise in breast cancer risk and other associated breast disorders among women.

To know how to maintain your breast health, you can consult a general surgery doctor near you or visit a general surgery hospital near you.

What are the symptoms of a breast disorder?

  • Dry, cracked skin around your nipple and breasts
  • If your breast feels lumpy or you see an unusual growth in your breast
  • Discharge of fluid from the nipples
  • A change in the appearance of your breasts
  • The breast skin turns red and you experience pain and unusual tenderness
  • If you notice swelling around your armpit

What causes breast disorders?

  • Tight clothing or ill-fitting bra
  • Hormonal disturbances in your body
  • Infection due to breastfeeding known as mastitis
  • Benign lumps may cause pain, tenderness and swelling around your breast and armpits

When do you need to see a doctor?

A woman may experience a number of changes in her breast throughout her life but there are certain signs that help you understand if your breasts need medical attention. You must report any form of discomfort felt in your breasts that is unusual.

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How do you prepare for a breast examination?

  • Self or assisted breast examination must be done for girls and women of all age groups. It helps you identify any signs of breast disorders mentioned above.
  • A woman of menstruating age must do it a few days post her menstrual cycle to prevent discomfort due to breast tenderness during periods.
  • Whereas a woman who does not menstruate or is of post menopausal age may carry it out on a fixed day of a month.
  • You must begin by first exposing your breast or standing naked in front of a mirror.
  • A journal or diary can be used to keep a record of findings.


  • A breast examination starts with placing your cupped hand over your breast and raising your hand over your head.
  • Begin massaging in a circular fashion from the nipple and working your way outward and towards your collar bone.
  • Identify any signs of lumps, tenderness, swelling or any irregularities on your breast. 
  • Next step would be examining your armpits and the area around your breast bone placed centrally in the chest.

How do you maintain breast health?

  • Diet and nutrition
    A healthy diet is recommended.
    You must avoid or reduce your consumption of alcohol.
  • Exercise
    Around 150 minutes of exercise per week are needed for healthy breasts and general fitness. 
  • Clothing
    Avoid tight clothing, particularly bras that do not fit properly or give you discomfort.
  • Sleep
    A good night's sleep is required to keep disturbed hormones at bay.
  • Quit smoking
    Cigarette smoking is absolutely inadvisable for breast disorders and poses a risk of breast cancer.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
    Losing and/or gaining weight quickly throws your body's hormonal balance for a toss which in turn affects your breast health.
  • Regular breast examination
    Every girl and woman must conduct regular breast examinations to keep a check on breast disorders right from an early stage.
  • Hygiene
    Maintaining hygiene when you are breastfeeding should be given utmost consideration.


Healthy breasts are a prerequisite for a healthy reproductive life for every woman. You must care for your breasts as one cares for her face or skin.

One of my breasts is bigger than the other or sags down more. Is it a disorder?

No. It is normal to have asymmetries in your breast, until a breast disorder has been detected.

My breasts feel tender and painful before and during my periods. Is it a cause for concern?

Menstruation causes hormone releases in your body due to which the breasts become tender and painful. It is normal.

What is the general guideline for wearing a bra?

An ideal guideline would be to consider if your breast stays supported or hangs down when in a bra. It should be optimally supported and a little breathing space is usually recommended.

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