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Surgical Breast Biopsy

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Surgical Breast Biopsy in Chembur, Mumbai

A surgical breast biopsy is a procedure to diagnose a suspicious area in your breast and determine whether it is breast cancer. If you have been suggested a breast biopsy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have cancer. But it’s the only way to find out if the cells are cancerous or not. You can check for a surgical breast biopsy in Chembur. Or you can search online for a breast biopsy near me. 

What is a surgical breast biopsy? Why is it conducted?

In a surgical breast biopsy, a part or the entire breast mass is removed through an incision on the skin. The mass is examined at a laboratory under a microscope for signs of cancer or other abnormal cells. The lab report can help a doctor understand the abnormality and suggest  surgery or other treatment. A surgical biopsy is an outpatient procedure, generally performed at a hospital using intravenous sedation and a local anesthetic to numb the breast.

When do you need to see a doctor?

If you suspect breast cancer, consult a doctor immediately.

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What are the risks associated with surgical breast biopsy?

Although a surgical breast biopsy is quite safe, there can be a few risks such as:

  • Swelling of the breast
  • Bleeding from the biopsy site
  • Infection at the biopsy site
  • Changed breast appearance, depending on how much mass is removed and how the breast heals

Past medical conditions can increase your risk of side effects, discuss any concerns with your doctor before undergoing biopsy. Consult your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms to begin effective treatment. Immediately reach out for medical help if you experience fever, chills, excessive bleeding or extreme pain.

How do you prepare for a surgical breast biopsy?

Before a surgical breast biopsy, your doctor will discuss and evaluate your medical history, age, and overall health. Inform the doctor about :

  • Past allergic reactions to any medication or anesthesia
  • Current over-the-counter or prescription medicines, such as vitamins, herbs and other supplements
  • Prescribed blood-thinning medications 
  • If you are pregnant or have observed pregnancy signs

Your doctor may ask you to stop taking these medications a week before the surgery. You may be told to not eat or drink for several hours before the biopsy. 

What can you expect from a surgical breast biopsy?

During the surgery, you will be administered general anesthesia and the anesthesiologist will keep a check on your blood oxygen level, breathing pattern, blood pressure and heart rate during the surgery. The surgical site is wiped with an antiseptic. An incision is made on your skin until the lump or mass is visible. A part of the lump or the full lump is taken out. The opening will be closed with stitches. The sample will be sent to a lab for diagnosis. The edges of breast tissue around the tumor may be removed and tested to ensure if the entire cancerous lump was removed. A metal marker may be inserted around the surgical site for continuous monitoring. 

After the procedure, you will be kept under observation for a few hours or up to a day until your condition is stable. Your doctor will instruct you about how to care for the biopsy site and protect the stitches.

What are the possible results of a surgical breast biopsy?

It takes several days to receive the surgical biopsy results. A pathologist examines the sample and prepares a pathology report. The report provides information about the sample such as its size and consistency, the position of the biopsy site and details about the type of the cells present, i.e cancerous, pre-cancerous or non-cancerous. Your doctor will discuss your reports with you and plan an appropriate treatment method.


A surgical breast biopsy is a safe and simple procedure to help in the early detection of breast cancer. Consult a breast surgeon in Chembur if you notice any unusual lump formation or pain around the breast. Your doctor can guide you if you need to undergo a surgical breast biopsy. Discuss the benefits and risks before surgery and follow the aftercare instructions to prevent the risk of infections of the surgical site.    

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Who has to undergo a breast biopsy?

A breast biopsy is recommended when your doctor notices something unusual during a clinical exam such as blood discharge from the nipple, mammogram revealing calcium deposits or cysts, abnormality detected in ultrasound or if you feel a lump in your breast.

Do I need further consultation if the reports are normal?

If the report reveals normal or non-cancerous tissue, your doctor will take a radiologist's opinion on the same for surety. If the radiologist and pathologist results don't match, you might have to undergo another surgery to further evaluate the area.

Can I return home the same day I undergo a surgical breast biopsy?

Once your blood pressure, pulse and breathing are normal and you are conscious, you will be either shifted to your hospital room or you can go home. You can resume your daily activities in a day.


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