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Ligament Tear

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Ligament Tear Treatment in Chembur, Mumbai

Ligaments are rigid fibrous tissue strips that connect a bone with other bones or a bone with another cartilage. Although ligaments are very strong, they can stretch or even break, caused due to varying degrees of pressure. In old age, ortho problems are common, and you must consult by searching for an ortho doctor near me or orthopedic specialist near me or orthopedic doctor near me. 

About the Procedure

Ligaments are hard, elastic bands of connective tissue surrounding the joints to support the joints and limit movement. Ligament injuries are usually the result of injuries. A ligament tear limits the movement of the limb and prevents unnatural side movements. Surgical repair of tendons and ligaments is the last option for treatment.

Sprains and tears of the collateral ligament are usually caused by a blow to the outside of the knee. In such accidents, just search for orthopedic hospitals near me or ortho hospitals near me. A few hours after the injury, your doctor may recommend the following:

  • Cold compression with an ice pack to subside the swelling
  • Compression (using rubber bands or orthotics) to relieve pain
  • You will be asked to rest
  • Your leg will be kept elevated
  • Oral pain killers or sometimes injectables can be given.

 Knee ligament rupture can be treated as follows:

  • Strict use of knee pads during workouts
  • Activity restrictions
  • Physiotherapy to strengthen the surrounding muscles

Ligament and tendon repair are usually done at the doctor’s office. Only in rare cases, your doctor might recommend prior hospitalization. The procedure might vary a bit as per your condition and your doctor's practice. 

Tendon and ligament repair can be done while you are sleeping under general anesthesia. It is also done under special anesthesia that numbs your spinal cord (spinal anesthesia). When using spinal anesthesia, you will not feel below the waist. Search for some of the best ortho doctors near me or knee specialists near me.

Who Qualifies for the Procedure? 

Only an orthopedic surgeon is capable of performing a tendon or ligament repair. It is not a one-person work and needs a team. Your doctor will have a whole group of professionals, including an orthopedic doctor, ortho surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, dietitian, etc.

An orthopedic surgeon is a doctor who specializes in the musculoskeletal system-bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles, etc. Search for orthopedic surgery near me or orthopedic surgeon near me, or you can just contact us directly.

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Why Is the Procedure Conducted?

Ligament injuries are usually the result of sports injuries. The torn ligament severely limits the mobility of the knee. This makes it impossible to twist the leg. When other treatments fail, surgery is an option to repair torn ligaments.

Benefits of Ligament Repair

The benefits of a tendon repair surgery are more than the risks. Your doctor can help you decide what to do. When surgery is the treatment option for ligament injuries, doctors are considering the following factors:

Surgical reconstruction of ligaments and tendons is commonly done these days. The damaged tendons are replaced with healthy tendons. This is the solution to get your injured knee back to normal and functional to the fullest. You can do physical activities with your knees like before. If the problem is initially ignored and surgery is not done, the risk of knee injury increases in the future. Later, this may require more extensive knee surgery.

Risks of the Surgery

The success rate of operations on ACL damage is about 80%. Most people undergoing surgery can keep their knees healthy for a long time. However, approximately 20% of patients may require knee surgery in the future. This is more likely to happen to young people and those who do things carelessly. Follow the postoperative instructions.



What symptoms might I have upon the tear of my ligament?

A torn ligament is painful and soft to the touch; you can see swelling and bruising. The joints may be difficult to move. Sometimes, you may hear a click or feel a tear when the injury happens. You can also experience muscle cramps. You might not be able to move that particular joint normally.

How is the diagnosis made?

Diagnosing a torn ligament begins with a physical examination and medical history. Your doctor will ask you what you were doing when you were injured and examine the injured area.

Usually, an X-ray to check for broken bones or broken bones. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be performed to determine if the ligament is partially or entirely damaged.

Which is the most common ligament to tear?

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is closer to the front of the knee and is the most commonly injured ligament.


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