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Neck Pain Treatment in Chembur, Mumbai

Although neck pain is a common condition, one should not neglect it. Neck pain may be because of bone abnormalities, poor posture, trauma, neurological problems, or muscular strain. Diagnosing the underlying cause of neck pain is possible by performing imaging tests, such as MRIs or X-rays, at a reputable neck pain hospital in Mumbai. Treatment options for neck pain include rest, exercises, medication, surgery, physiotherapy, etc.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

Neck pain can disturb your daily routine and sleep if symptoms worsen in the absence of proper treatment. Some of these symptoms are:

  • Inability to hold or lift objects - Neck pain due to nerve damage involves numbness that can lead to loss of the gripping strength of fingers.
  • Intense and localized pain - You can experience stabbing pain in the lower neck or a stinging sensation at a single spot.
  • Stiffness - It may be difficult to move your head sideways, as neck pain may lead to stiffness.
  • Feeling of discomfort - Sometimes, neck pain causes general debility around the neck region, along with tenderness and slight pain.
  • Headache - Neck pain is also responsible for headaches when the muscles and nerves around the head are involved.

Neck pain can also cause sleep disturbances and interfere with daily activities that involve head movements.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be acute or chronic. Doctors need to identify the exact cause of neck pain before recommending the treatment. Sometimes, neck pain is also a result of infections and certain other reasons.

  • Causes of acute neck pain – Poor posture is the commonest cause of acute neck pain besides trauma, injury, and wrong sleeping position. Repetitive motions of the head during dancing and swimming can also cause acute neck pain.
  • Causes of chronic neck pain – Aging leads to wear and tear of joints and discs in the spine leading to neck pain. In myofascial pain syndrome, patients can suffer from chronic neck pain. Spinal tumors may damage the spine and cause neck pain.

When to See a Doctor if you are Suffering from Neck Pain?

You should consult an expert neck pain specialist in Chembur if it persists for more than a week. Seek medical help in the following conditions:

  • Unbearable neck pain without an obvious reason.
  • Neck pain associated with nausea and vomiting.
  • Radiating neck pain towards arms.
  • Restricted movements because of neck pain.
  • Severe neck pain following trauma.
  • Fever and headache.
  • Swelling or a lump in the neck.

A variety of conditions cause neck pain. Consult experienced neck pain doctors in Mumbai for expert diagnosis and treatment.

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What are the Treatment Options of Neck Pain?

If the neck pain is not because of trauma and does not interfere with routine activities, avoiding movements causing neck pain and a short period of rest or relaxation can help. Doctors can recommend appropriate options for neck pain treatment in Mumbai, including physiotherapy, medications, and surgery.

Physiotherapy is useful to relieve chronic neck pain to enhance flexibility and strength of the neck muscles. The period of physiotherapy depends on the severity and diagnosis of neck pain. There are several medicines to treat neck pain, including analgesics, topical preparations, and injectables. Your doctor will recommend an appropriate medicine by considering various factors. If the neck pain is due to spinal cord compression, doctors may consider surgery after trying all non-surgical treatment options.

Visit a reputed neck pain hospital in Chembur for a reliable diagnosis and treatment.

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Neck pain is often because of poor posture that causes muscle strain. Postural changes and rest can relieve acute neck pain. However, if the pain persists for several days, you need to consult a neck pain specialist in Mumbai. Unrelenting, severe, and debilitating neck pain can be relieved through appropriate treatment. Consult your doctor to know proven and advanced treatment options to address the problem of neck pain.

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Is neck pain a serious condition?

Usually, neck pain is due to problems in your muscles and joints and may not be very serious. Rarely, neck pain can also be because of nerve damage, infection, or cancer.

Is it okay to use massage therapy for relief from neck pain?

Massage is useful to reduce neck pain if recommended by a qualified neck pain specialist in Mumbai. Only a certified professional, such as a physiotherapist, should perform massages or physiotherapy

What are the tests to diagnose neck pain?

Routine blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, and other imaging studies may be performed if necessary.


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