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Ophthalmology is a medical study concerned with diseases related to the eye. It also includes vision care. A person who studies ophthalmology is called an ophthalmologist. They are considered both medical and surgical specialists. They are different from optometrists and opticians in terms of experience and practice. Eye problems may seem small, but they are very dangerous if ignored. Therefore, you should visit ophthalmology hospitals near Mumbai as soon as you notice eye problems or symptoms. 

Who is an Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a specialist doctor who helps diagnose and treat eye-related conditions. An ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma, retina, cornea, etc., can also treat conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, epiphora, exophthalmos, diabetic eye disease, uveitis, corneal conditions, eye tumors, complex surgical eye problems, dry eye syndrome, etc. If you experience any eye problems, it is advisable to visit the ophthalmology doctors in Tardeo.

What are the Apparent Signs You May Have if You are Suffering from an Eye Disease?

  • You experience decreasing vision in your eye.
  • You experience eye pain or inflammation, or your eye turns red, or you experience itching in the eyes.
  • Excessive and frequent dryness is seen in your eyes.
  • Excessive and frequent tears flowing from your eyes.
  • You experience double vision, also known as vision imparity.
  • You have a condition called crossed eyes, also called strabismus.
  • Abnormalities are seen in your eyelids, or you have swollen eyelids. 
  • Your eye lens is spaced out of its original orbit. 
  • You notice a change in iris color.
  • You experience cloudy vision.
  • Pink eye (conjunctivitis).

Such symptoms are warning signs your eyes give you. Hence, if you experience such symptoms, you should visit the ophthalmology hospital or ophthalmologist in Mumbai (near you).

When to See an Ophthalmology Doctor?

When you face situations like redness in your eyes, excessive dryness, inflammation, cloudy vision, change in the iris color, night blindness, eye strains, or other symptoms, or you have a family history of worsening eye conditions, you need to visit an ophthalmology hospital in Mumbai.

If you have suddenly lost your vision, suffered an eye injury, partially lost vision, sudden redness is visible, or you experience severe eye pain, you should immediately visit an ophthalmology doctor.

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What does Ophthalmologic Treatment Entail?

When you visit an ophthalmology doctor in Bangalore, he/she will ask you to describe your eye problems and recommend certain tests based on your symptoms to diagnose your problems. These may include:

  • A visual acuity test can be conducted where you will go through vision screening to assess the ability of your eyes.
  • An ophthalmologist may dilate your eyes (perform dilation) to study the pupils and back functions of your eyes. 
  • A stereopsis test can be performed to understand 3-D vision. 
  • Other tests like examining pupils, retina, optic nerve, color blindness test, tonometry test, etc., can be conducted based on the symptoms and the severity of your eye condition.

Remember, there is no special preparation required before visiting the ophthalmology doctors in Mumbai.  

Apart from the normal procedures like diagnosing and monitoring eye problems, an ophthalmologist performs different procedures for conditions like:

  • Cataract surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Refractive surgery
  • Resection surgery

These surgical treatments are recommended based on your symptoms. Other treatments like corneal transplant, neoplasm removal, retinal detachment repair, and implanted lens are also administered by ophthalmologists. An ophthalmologist also monitors and screens treatment plans for diseases like diabetic eye disease.

If your ophthalmologist concludes that your problem can be solved through normal medications, he/she may prescribe medications, optic aids, or therapy.


Ophthalmology issues detected early will ensure you have multiple treatment options, and the chances of recovery will automatically increase as you tackle these problems early. Regular checkups for vision care will help your ophthalmologist diagnose eye problems early. It will help you understand how healthy your eyes are. Therefore, it is necessary to visit an ophthalmology hospital in Mumbai to ensure regular vision care.

Can stress cause inflammation?

Due to stress, you may feel tired mentally, and it may result in blurred vision. It does not directly cause inflammation, but it may create pressure on your eyes.

Can we see an optometrist instead of an ophthalmologist for surgeries or laser surgeries?

Optometrists are specialists in contact lenses and for the various examinations related to the eyes. However, if your problem is more serious and you need medication or surgery like laser treatment, an ophthalmologist is the right choice.

When does an optometrist recommend visiting an ophthalmologist?

When an optometrist (a regular vision care doctor) identifies that the problem in your eyes is complex, he/she will recommend you visit an ophthalmologist as your eyes may need special care.

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