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Hair Fall Treatment in Tardeo, Mumbai

Hair fall is a common problem for most people. When you lose hair strands rapidly, and in bunches, the condition is termed hair loss. It could be a result of genetics or lifestyle practices. Several treatments are available for hair loss, including medication, hair transplant, changing your lifestyle practices to regrow your hair, etc. If you’re suffering from hair fall and live in Mumbai, contact a trichologist/cosmetologist in Mumbai to diagnose your condition right away. 

What Is Hair Fall? 

Hair fall is a condition characterised by the loss of hair in more amounts than what is expected. Usually, hair loss is not dangerous to your physical health unless it indicates an underlying disease or condition. There are many types of hair loss, including alopecia, male/female pattern baldness, telogen effluvium, hormone imbalance, etc. Finding the root cause of your hair fall can help you avail an effective hair fall treatment in Tardeo.

What Are the Symptoms of Hair Fall? 

The primary symptom of hair loss is hair fall itself. When you lose chunks of hair and notice more strands in your brush and on the floor than usual, it may indicate an underlying problem causing your hair loss. Hair fall can come with many other specific symptoms such as:

  • Gradual thinning: The most common pattern of hair loss is a receding hairline and a broader crown. This occurs after a prolonged period of hair fall. 
  • Bald spots: Sometimes, hair strands fall from a particular area on your head, leading to bald patches. 
  • Full-body hair loss: Some diseases and medical treatments can cause hair to fall from all over your body, including your scalp, arms, legs, eyebrows, etc. This hair fall is usually temporary and can be reversed. 
  • Ringworm: Ringworm on your scalp can cause scales, redness, broken hair, itchiness, swelling, and oozing. 

What Are the Causes of Hair Fall? 

Here are some of the common causes of hair loss:

  • Genetics 
  • Hormonal changes 
  • A medical condition 
  • Medications and supplements 
  • Medical treatments
  • Stress
  • Tight hairstyles, friction, and pulling. 

When to Consult a Doctor?

If you experience one or more of the symptoms mentioned, you can get it checked with a hair fall treatment doctor in Tardeo. Seek medical help if you are distressed about your hair loss to curb it before it gets too intense. 

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What Are the Treatments Available for Hair Loss? 

Here is how your trichologist may treat your hair fall:

  • Medication: There are currently two types of medicines that can effectively treat hair loss. 
    1. Minoxidil: Minoxidil is a very common medication administered to people with hair loss. It is applied topically and effectively regrows hair. However, once you stop using this medicine, the effects go away, and all the hair you gained will fall out again. 
    2. Finasteride: This drug is taken orally as a pill. It slows hair loss and helps regrow hair. Similar to minoxidil, you need to take it continuously to retain the benefits. 
  • Hair Transplant: In this surgical procedure, a patch of skin with dense hair is removed and placed over a bald spot. You need multiple sessions to complete the process. 


Stop your hair falling out with some of the best hair fall treatments in Mumbai to regain healthy, thick, and voluminous hair. If you do not want to choose the treatment options for hair fall, you can cover up your bald patches with various options available in the market. 

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How can you cover up your hair loss?

To temporarily or permanently cover your bald spots, thinning areas, receding hairline, etc., you can wear a wig or extensions. They can make you look like you have dense hair until you find a solution to regain your hair naturally. Alternatively, you can use clothing items such as a hat, scarf, cap, etc., to cover up.

What are the vitamin deficiencies that cause hair loss?

Vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin D, protein, iron, folate, and specific vitamin Bs can play a role in hair loss. You can add higher amounts of these nutrients to your diet to solve the deficiencies. If your body does not effectively absorb them through your food, you can take supplements of these nutrients. Contact your trichologist for dosage information.

Can hair loss be left unattended?

As hair fall does not physically affect your body in any way, you can choose to leave it unattended. If you can embrace your baldness or thinning hair, there is no harm in doing so. Unless an underlying disease causes hair loss, it is safe to let your hair loss be.


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