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Best Adenoidectomy Treatment & Diagnostics in Tardeo, Mumbai


Adenoidectomy is a surgical procedure employed to remove the adenoid glands that are affected by infections. Adenoid infections are most commonly seen in children between 1 to 7 years of age as adenoid glands begin shrinking after that with growing age. Visit the nearest ENT hospital for immediate adenoidectomy treatment. 

About the topic

Adenoid glands are located at the back of the nose on the roof of the mouth. They serve an essential purpose in children by protecting them from the attack of viruses and bacteria. 

What Are the Symptoms?

Adenoid gland infection causes swelling in the adenoid glands, which may, in turn, show the following symptoms: 

  • Enlarged or swollen adenoid glands block the air passage. Your child may experience difficulty while breathing. 
  • Recurring ear infections. 
  • Sore throat and difficulty in swallowing.
  • Difficulty in breathing and sleep apnea. 

If you observe these symptoms in your child, it is better to visit an ENT specialist to get your child diagnosed with adenoid infection. 

What Are the Causes?

There are numerous reasons for adenoid gland infections. A few of them are as follows: 

  • Viral and bacterial infections are some of the most common causes of adenoid glands infection. 
  • Sometimes, adenoid glands get infected while fighting viruses and bacteria. 
  • Some children are born with enlarged adenoids. 
  • Allergies are another common reason for infection of adenoid glands. 

When to See a Doctor?

If you notice any of the following conditions, you should visit your ENT specialist immediately:

  • If the infections are not responding to antibiotics. 
  • If the infections resurface despite treatment. 
  • If adenoid gland infection occurs more than 5 to 7 times in a year, it is time to visit your ENT surgeon. 

Request an appointment at Apollo Hospital, Tardeo, Mumbai. 

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What Are the Complications of Adenoidectomy?

Adenoidectomy is associated with fewer complications, but still, the possibility cannot be ruled out altogether:

  • Your child’s breathing problems, nasal drainage, or ear infections may not be resolved even after adenoidectomy. But this happens in sporadic cases. 
  • Bleeding after the surgery.
  • Your child may develop infections after surgery in very exceptional cases. 
  • Even anesthesia may result in infections sometimes. 


Adenoidectomy is a simple surgical procedure. 

  • Your child will be shifted to the operation room and changed into a hospital uniform. 
  • Your child’s surgical team will request him/her to lie on a flat surface. 
  • The surgical team will administer general anesthesia to your child. 
  • Your child’s doctor will open his/her mouth with the help of a retractor and remove the adenoid glands using surgical tools. 
  • After the procedure is finished, they will shift your child to the general room after a few hours. 

You can leave to your home on the same day of surgery if your doctor finds your child’s health under control after few hours of observation. 


Although adenoid glands shrink and disappear by attaining teenage, in sporadic cases, adenoid gland infections are observed in adults. Negligence of adenoid gland infection may result in permanent hearing impairment due to frequent ear infections and infections spreading to other parts. Visit your ENT surgeon immediately to avoid these complications.

Does adenoidectomy recover impaired speech tone?

Enlarged adenoid glands are known to impact tone and articulation negatively. Adenoidectomy can, to some extent, recover the manner of speech.

How long does bad breath continue after an adenoidectomy?

Bad breath may long for at least initial ten days after adenoidectomy.

Does adenoidectomy impact immunity?

Adenoid glands contribute to only a tiny part of immunity. Hence, removing adenoid glands will not impact or decrease the immunity power in children.


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