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Ear Infection (Otitis Media) 

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Ear Infection (Otitis Media) Treatment in Tardeo, Mumbai

Ear infection, also called otitis media, is nothing but the infection of the middle part of your ear that is present behind your eardrum, either due to bacteria or virus. It can cause fluid build-up, which in turn can lead to pain and inflammation. Ear infections can be chronic and acute, both are painful. 

What do we need to know about ear infections?

While acute ear infections can clear up on their own, chronic infections are adamant and require medical intervention. They may also be recurring and can even cause permanent damage to your ears. You must consult a doctor for a chronic ear infection to avoid complications. 

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What are the symptoms of an ear infection?

These include: 

  • Excruciating pain in the infected ear
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Pain in your ear while sleeping on that side 
  • Difficulty in hearing 
  • Clogging  
  • Fluid in ears
  • Rise in body temperature and loss of appetite 
  • Pain in the ear while eating or drinking. 

What are the causes of an ear infection?

  • An ear infection is usually caused by a bacterial and viral infection, which may be a result of cold or flu. 
  • Eustachian tube: Eustachian tubes are present in each ear that help in air passage and discharge other secretions from the ear. The swelling or blocking of these tubes may obstruct normal secretions, which may result in an infection. 
  • Adenoids: Adenoids are small tissue pads present at the back of the nose near the Eustachian tubes. Swelling of adenoids may block the tubes that may lead to blockage of air and secretions in the ear. Hence, it may cause ear infection due to a build-up of blocked secretions in the Eustachian tubes. 
  • Swelling or blocking of the middle ear without bacterial or viral infection may also cause ear infection. This condition is called otitis media with effusion. 
  • The recurring build-up of secretions in the ear without bacterial or viral infections also causes ear infections. It is called chronic otitis media with effusion. 
  • Sometimes, the ear infection doesn’t go away with treatments. This condition may become severe and lead to a hole in the eardrum. This condition is called chronic suppurative otitis media. 

When do you need to see a doctor? 

While every discomfort in your ear may not be an ear infection, you can contact your doctor in the following cases: 

  • Excruciating pain in your ear for extended periods 
  • If you observe ear infection symptoms for more than one day 
  • If you observe these symptoms in a toddler less than 6 months old 
  • If you observe any abnormal and continuous secretions from your ear 
  • If your toddler is irritated while sleeping or constantly crying after a cold 

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What are the risk factors? 

  • Toddlers are more susceptible to ear infections because of a weak immune system.
  • Poor air quality can also sometimes cause ear infections. 
  • Ear infections also occur due to seasonal changes, especially during the winter season. 

How can ear infections be prevented?

  • Personal hygiene is the first step to avoiding build-up in the ear. 
  • Avoid going to polluted areas. Sometimes, tobacco smoke may also cause ear infections. 
  • If the symptoms last for longer than usual, consult your doctor. 


Ear infections are usually caused by previous nose or throat infections or bacteria or viruses. Stay alert.

Are ear infections contagious?

No. Ear infections are not contagious.

Do all children get ear infections by the age of six?

Your children may or may not get ear infections by the age of six.

How long does an ear infection last?

Ear infections usually get resolved within 2-3 days. However, it can take up to 6 weeks to treat chronic infections.


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