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Shoulder Replacement

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Tardeo, Mumbai

Orthopaedic shoulder replacement is a surgery that replaces damaged parts of the shoulder with artificial parts. Either the ball or the socket or sometimes both are replaced with prosthetics.To know more about Orthopaedic Joint Replacement- Shoulder Replacement surgery, visit Ortho hospitals near me or Orthopaedic hospitals in Tardeo, Mumbai

What is Shoulder Replacement?

The shoulder arm is formed of two components- the humerus or the upper arm and the glenoid which is the socket. Both of these components form the ball and socket joint. In certain cases of joint pain or injury, an orthopaedic shoulder replacement surgery is done. In this surgery, the ball is replaced by a metal device of similar shape and the socket by a plastic device. These devices replicate the functions of the shoulder joint. This replacement depends completely on the rotator cuff muscles and tendons of the shoulder for strength and functionality. This greatly reduces the shoulder pain and also regains the mobility of the shoulder joint.

What are the Types of Shoulder Joint Replacement?

Shoulder joint replacements are of three types depending on the kind of damage to the joint.

  • Shoulder Cap Prosthesis- This surgery is done when there is a slight damage to the rotator cuff muscles and no wear or damage in the socket of the joint. In this procedure, a metal device is fitted at the top of the ball or humerus. This is done only after the doctor examines the glenoid completely and finds it in good condition.
  • Total Shoulder Replacement- In this, both the humeral head and glenoid are replaced and is the most common shoulder replacement surgery. It replaces the original anatomy of the joint and a prosthetic stem is implanted within the bone.
  • Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis- In this, the position of the humerus and glenoid are reversed and is carried out in patients with huge wear and damage of the rotator cuff muscles. People with arthritis are more prone to such cuff damage and this surgery greatly relieves the pain and helps restore the original mobility of the shoulder joint.

What are the causes one may require shoulder replacement surgery?

The following causes lead patients to undergo shoulder replacement surgery:

  • Osteoarthritis- This is the wear and tear of cartilage which occurs mostly due to age. It is commonly seen in people more than 50 years of age but can also happen in younger people. The cartilage which cushions the shoulder bones wears away with time which causes the bones to rub against each other. This makes the bones stiff and leads to pain and immobility of joints. People with osteoarthritis usually undergo shoulder replacement surgery.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis- In this the synovial membrane which surrounds the joints becomes inflamed which damages the cartilage and causes pain and stiffness.
  • Avascular Necrosis- In this condition, there is a lack of oxygen supply to the bone cells which leads to destruction in the joints and finally leads to arthritis. So, patients with this condition also undergo shoulder replacement surgery.
  • Serious Fractures- Fractures which completely shatter the bones and makes it near to impossible to fix them back can be a reason for surgery.

What are the major symptoms that lead to shoulder replacement surgery?

The major symptoms which are an indicator your doctor might recommend shoulder replacement surgery are:

  • Shoulder pain which is so severe that it interferes with daily activities.
  • Pain which might cause obstruction in sleep and may also increase while resting.
  • Immobility in the shoulder.
  • No significant improvement after taking anti-inflammatory medicines or injections and other treatment.


If you have any of the above conditions or symptoms, you should consider seeing a doctor. The doctor will perform an evaluation and see if you need the shoulder replacement surgery or not. You must look for orthopaedic surgeons near me or  orthopaedic hospitals near me

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What are the Preparations that you need before the surgery?

Doctors recommend a medical evaluation as a first step to ensure if you are healthy enough for undergoing the surgery. Several tests are performed by the doctor especially in people with prior conditions such as heart disease.

Inform the doctor about any medications which you take. Certain medicines such as steroids or anti-inflammatory medicines need to be stopped around 2 weeks before the surgery.

During the surgery, anesthesia will be administered and the surgery takes around 2 hours after which you will be moved to the recovery room. Most patients are allowed to go home in 2-3 days with an arm sling.

What complications may arise as a result of the surgery?

Possible complications are:

  • Infection- An infection may occur in the wound or deep near the prosthetics.  This may happen in a few days after the surgery or even after several years. It is treated by antibiotics and in severe cases may involve removing the prosthetics.
  • Prosthetic problems- In some cases, the prosthetics might loosen up and cause the shoulder components to dislocate.


Shoulder replacement surgeries are highly successful in relieving pain and restoring normal shoulder functionality. Patients fully recover with better mobility, improved strength and lesser pain which greatly improves their quality of life.

How bad should the shoulder pain be before considering surgery?

This is completely your decision and you can also consult an orthopaedic surgeon for this.

How long does it take to get back to a normal routine life after surgery?

This depends on your recovery rate of individuals but it is advised to not tire yourself out much.


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