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Urology is the branch of medicine that deals with male and female urinary system problems. Because health issues can emerge in any part of the body, urologic wellness is particularly vital. Urologists are the people who look for these disorders. Almost everyone, male or female, should consult a urologist if they are experiencing urological disorders. Urology provides care in all areas.

Symptoms for urinary diseases

The following are some of the most prevalent symptoms related with urological illnesses in both men and women:

  • Difficulties urinating
  • Bleeding while urinating
  • Urinary tract infections that last a long time
  • Urinary incontinence is a condition in which a person's urine leaks
  • Male infertility, impotence, or erectile dysfunction
  • Changes in urination frequency
  • Lower abdominal discomfort
  • Pelvic ache
  • A diminished urine flow

Causes of urinary diseases

The following are the major reasons of every urinary disorder caused by a stressful lifestyle and consuming excessively junk food:

  • Unhygienic conditions of reproductive organs 
  • Urinary tract infection and sweating
  • Diabetes
  • Bladder hyperactivity
  • Muscle weakness in the bladder
  • Parkinson's illness or multiple sclerosis
  • Sphincter muscle weakness

How do you contact a urologist ? 

You can reach us directly at our hospitals or schedule an appointment online or over the phone by dialing 1860 500 2244.


Urinary tract infection 

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a disorder that can influence how frequently you urinate. UTIs can occur in both men and women, but they are more common in women. Even if you have recently emptied your bladder, a UTI might cause you to feel the need to urinate urgently. During an infection, you may notice that you are urinating more frequently, although in lower amounts. When you urinate, you will most likely experience a burning feeling.


  • Use antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin etc. 
  • Vaginal estrogen therapy is also recommended for women after postmenopausal phase 
  • Consume probiotic-rich foods (lactobacillus), which is found in yogurt and kefir 
  • Home remedies and change in lifestyle are beneficial in improving urinary tract infections 

Kidney stone 

Kidney stones are mineral and salt deposits that occur inside your kidneys. Passing kidney stones can be very painful, but if caught early enough, the stones usually do not cause permanent damage. Depending on the patient's health, passing a kidney stone may require little more than pain medicine and plenty of water.


The treatment for a kidney stone is determined on the size of the stone, its composition, if it causes discomfort, and whether it blocks your urinary tract. Shock wave lithotripsy is one therapy option. Ureteroscopy is another therapy option. In some situations, a procedure known as percutaneous nephrolithotomy is required to remove a kidney stone. 


As previously said, everybody encounters a slew of urology health problems at any age. Many of the difficulties can be remedied by consulting a skilled urologist. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet can help you avoid many of the illnesses listed above. However, it is always good to keep in touch with your urologist in order to stay in peak physical and mental health.

Request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals by calling  1860 500 2244. 

What is the risk of increased female urinary incontinence?

There are various causes, including multiple pregnancies, age, obesity, smoking, diabetes, reduced estrogen levels after menopause, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord damage, etc.

What is the average frequency of urinating in men and women per day?

The frequency varies from person to person, but for both men and women, it should be 5-8 times a day.

What should one eat with a urinary infection?

Eat yogurt and pickles as much as possible because they contain good bacteria for digestive health. Also, include fiber-rich foods in your diet, such as nuts, almonds, bananas, and oats, as these help to eliminate bad bacteria from the body.

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