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Piles Treatment & Surgery in Tardeo, Mumbai

Hemorrhoids or piles is a condition wherein the veins in the lower rectal region swell up, because of multiple reasons. It is a very common occurrence and one should not shy away from consulting with a healthcare provider for the same.

What do we need to know about piles surgery? What are the types?

  1. Hemorrhoid removal - This is often a hemorrhoidectomy.  This kind of a surgical procedure requires general and local anesthesia.
    This is usually deemed the most effective way to treat piles. There are some complications however that are associated with the surgery that can develop a few days after the surgery. These complications include problems in emptying the bladder and urinary tract infections. 
  2. Hemorrhoid stapling - This procedure is called hemorrhoidopexy. In this case the blood flow is blocked to the tissue which has piles. It is used only in case of internal hemorrhoids.
    Stapling as a procedure usually involves less pain than the above method. However, it is usually associated with cases of rectal prolapse.
    The complications associated with this surgery are bleeding and urinary tract infection because of urine retention. It may also rarely lead to sepsis, in some cases. It is important to seek the advice of your healthcare provider for the best option suited for you.

These surgical methods are available at any of the general surgery hospitals near you. Or you can consult a general surgery doctor near you.

What are the types and symptoms of hemorrhoids?

For external hemorrhoids:

  • Itching 
  • Pain 
  • Discomfort 
  • Swelling 
  • Bleeding 

For internal hemorrhoids:

  • Painless bleeding in bowel movement 
  • Pain and irritation in some cases 

Thrombosed hemorrhoid - this is a condition where a thrombus or a clot formation has occurred. Symptoms are: 

  • Extreme pain 
  • Swelling 
  • Inflammation 
  • Presence of lump 

When do you need to see a doctor?

If you spot any of the symptoms above, consult a doctor.

You can request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Tardeo, Mumbai.

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What are some of the minimally invasive procedures that are used in treatment of piles?

  • Rubber band ligation - This is a method where 1 or 2 rubber bands which are medically used and sterilized are placed in the lower half of the internal hemorrhoid. This is done to completely cut off the blood circulation. This leads to withering and falling off of the hemorrhoid.  This is usually an uncomfortable procedure where there is discomfort and bleeding. This usually takes place 3 to 4 days after the procedure is performed.
  • Injection like sclerotherapy - This is a method whereby the doctor injects a specific chemical. This is done to reduce the size or shrink the hemorrhoids. The injection is not painful as local anesthesia is provided. It is usually deemed less helpful than the rubber band ligation method.
  • Coagulation that is laser-based - This is a laser-based technique. When this is performed, the hemorrhoid shrinks in size and a small amount of bleeding can occur as well.


Hemorrhoids or piles is a medical condition wherein there is a discharge of blood along with bowel movements. It is a very common condition  that affects almost 1 in every 4 people. Surgical treatments are usually advised to a small percentage of people suffering from hemorrhoids because usually medications, lifestyle changes and minimally invasive procedures can solve most of the cases.

How are hemorrhoids diagnosed?

  • Complete physical examination
  • Digital examination
  • Visual inspection

What are the risk factors?

There are multiple risk factors for colorectal cancer.

What is the best way to prevent hemorrhoids?

This condition can be easily prevented by altering lifestyle and bringing about some normal changes so that the passage of stool becomes easy.


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