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Microdiscectomy Surgery in Tardeo, Mumbai

Microdochectomy is the surgical removal of the mammary gland to ensure the stoppage of nipple discharge from the nipple. To know more about the surgery, you should search for a microdochectomy near you and discuss the details of the surgery with an expert surgeon. 

What Is Microdochectomy?

Microdochectomy is a condition in which your breast releases unwanted fluid discharge. This condition needs immediate medical help.

Your doctor will perform a diagnostic or therapeutic surgery on you to remove the duct causing the discharge from the nipple. These surgeries are primarily recommended in younger women who want to continue breastfeeding. 

Why Is it Performed?

Microdochectomy is usually performed in premenopausal women who experience recurring symptoms of intraductal papilloma. This is the disorder in which there is a continuous discharge of fluids from the nipples. Your doctor will remove the causal areolar duct and help in the stoppage of fluid release. The cause can be associated with breast cancer, so you should consult a breast surgeon near you and get yourself checked up regularly.

When to Call a Doctor?

If you feel pain in the breast, you find lumps, or you see bruises all over your breast, immediately contact a breast surgeon near you. 

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What Are the Risk Factors Associated With Microdochectomy?

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring/bruising/ hematoma formation
  • Loss of nipple sensation
  • Loss of nipple skin
  • Recurrence of symptoms
  • Poor wound healing leading change in size, shape, and color of  nipples

How to Prepare for Microdochectomy?

Microdiscectomy is an outpatient procedure which means you won't have to be admitted to the hospital for a very long time. Your doctor will ask you to do a few blood tests, ultrasound, and mammograms before the surgery. The doctor will ask you about your symptoms and the time since when you are having the symptoms. You will also be asked to take galactography to examine the affected areolas. It is like a map of the ductal system, which will let the doctor know which duct is causing the problem.

How Is Microdochectomy Performed?

During the surgery, the doctor will apply some gentle pressure on the nipple to identify the opening of the duct that has caused the issue. They will then insert a fine probe that dilates the duct and injects a dye marking the duct. The borders of the breast are traced, incised, raised, and then a skin flap is made. The affecting duct will be dissected and then removed by the doctor. The whole procedure is done under general anesthesia.

Since microdiscectomy is a therapeutic and diagnostic procedure, the doctor will collect tissues from the breast. It is sent for biopsy to detect if a single or multiple ducts are affected. 

What Are Some Complications That Can Arise from Microdochectomy?

  1. Change in nipple sensation: The nerves supplying your nipple may accidentally feel transected or stretched, resulting in numbness, or occasionally, pain.
  2. Losing the ability to breastfeed: Although microdochectomy allows the preservation of breastfeeding ability, you might not be able to breastfeed or have problems like pain and swelling while breastfeeding. 
  3. Breast cancer: There is a high chance that the fluid discharge might be a consequence of breast cancer. Additional surgeries will have to be done after microdochectomy to treat it as well.


Microdochectomy is a surgical procedure to remove an infected areolar duct from the nipple of a female breast. It is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure carried out to prevent fluid discharge from the nipples. 

If a single duct is affected, then microdochectomy is done, while a more complex procedure is performed when multiple ducts are affected. Risk factors include pain, swelling, scarring, bruising, change in shape, size, and color of the nipples, loss of sensation in the nipples, etc. 




Why can I see a suspicious fluid releasing from my nipples?

You can be suffering from a fluid-releasing breast disorder caused by some form of a breast infection, such as mastitis or a breast abscess, galactorrhea, and hormonal conditions, such as Cushing’s syndrome.

Which medications produce breast fluid discharge as a side effect?

Like contraceptive pills and antidepressants, some medications have been found to cause fluid discharge from nipples in females. You should consult a microdochectomy expert near you and get regular checkups.

What are the benefits of getting a microdochectomy done?

If you want to undergo a microdochectomy, you will easily be able to breastfeed now or in the future. The ability will be conserved in younger women.


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