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Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer Treatment & Diagnostics in Tardeo, Mumbai

Breast Cancer

Cancer is a condition marked by specific changes in the cells of your body, known as mutation. These mutations occur in the genes that regulate cell growth; they cause uncontrolled cell division and multiplication. Breast cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the lobules or the ducts of the breast. 

The lobules of the breast are glands that produce milk, and some of these ducts are pathways that carry the milk from glands to nipples. There are chances of cancer cells growing in the fatty tissues and fibrous connective tissue within your breasts. 

Scientific advancements have made various diagnostic methods possible, and the most common treatment prescribed is breast surgery.  If you or anyone you know has breast cancer, it’s wise to get checked right away.

If you live in Mumbai, you can opt for breast surgery in Tardeo at Apollo Hospitals that offer treatments backed by ample research and awareness. The survival rates for breast cancer are pretty good, and the death rates have reduced considerably. This might be due to factors like early detection of cancer, a new and better approach, and a deeper understanding of the disease. 

Breast Cancer Surgery

After diagnosing breast cancer, your breast surgery doctor in Mumbai will provide you with a tentative treatment plan to remove cancer. 

Breast cancer surgery will vastly reduce the chances of a recurrence. The surgeon will offer you various surgical techniques depending on the extent of the cancer and the breast tissues it has metastasized to. 

The surgery technique depends on the size, location, spread of the tumor, and the patient’s feelings regarding the same. The surgeon removes the axillary or underarm lymph nodes during the operation; tests are performed on these nodes to check if they are cancerous. The process is essential to ensure an accurate post-surgery treatment plan.

The breast surgeon discusses the surgery options for starting the procedure. They may also recommend a course like simple or total mastectomy, radical mastectomy, etc. 

Surgical Options

Some of the prominent options for breast cancer surgery are listed below:

  • Lumpectomy or Partial Mastectomy: In this process, your lumpectomy surgeon in Mumbai removes the cancerous part and, with that, a small margin of normal tissue around it. They may make a second incision for the lymph nodes. The treatment is pretty popular as it attempts to save the natural breast as much as possible.
    After the process, you may have to receive 4-5 weeks of radiation therapy offered by the best lumpectomy doctor in Mumbai to treat the remaining breast tissue. Other post-operative methods include a 3-week course of radiation or a one-time dose of infra-operative radiation therapy. Women having small tumors or those at an early stage of breast cancer are excellent candidates for lumpectomy.
  • Simple or Total Mastectomy: Undergoing a mastectomy surgery in Tardeo? Here’s what the process looks like:
    1. The surgeon removes the whole breast, but the lymph nodes are kept intact. It is mainly employed for women who are at a higher risk of breast cancer.
    A nipple-sparing mastectomy may also be conducted to preserve the nipple and areolar complex. In the process, breast reconstruction may be carried out using implants or from the patient’s tissues from the lower abdomen. For the case of early-stage invasive breast cancer, a sentinel lymph node biopsy is also feasible.
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy: In this process, your typical mastectomy surgeon in Mumbai removes all the breast tissues and the nipple. The axilla or underarm surrounding lymph nodes are also removed, leaving the chest muscles intact.
  •  Radical Mastectomy: In this procedure, the doctor removes all the tissues of the breast, lymph nodes, nipple, and chest wall muscles below the breast. The operation is not done in present times until the cancer is very large and covers the chest wall muscles. 

You need to discuss your potential treatment type with your physician for the best results. After any of the given surgeries, the patient has to stay at the hospital for some time before returning home. 

Risks Associated With Breast Cancer Surgeries

Breast surgery in Tardeo is a very safe process, but there are slight risks or complications, which are:

  • Bleeding from the wound
  • Chances of infection
  • Collection of infectious fluid at the operative site (seroma)
  • Intense pain
  • The situation of permanent scarring
  • A loss of sensation in the chest and reconstructed breasts
  • Slower wound healing
  • Swelling in the arm (lymphedema)
  • Other risks related to the medicine (anesthesia) for preparing for surgery, including confusion, muscle aches, and vomiting

If you are experiencing any unusual pattern or lumps near your breast area, you must consult a breast cancer specialist. If you are looking for a cancer surgery specialist near you, look no further than Apollo Hospitals, Tardeo, Mumbai. Your breast surgeon in Mumbai at Apollo will offer premium and expert services and treatment options for you as per your condition.

Is breast cancer surgery dangerous?

Breast cancer surgery is a clean surgical procedure, but wound complications can be a possibility. Some common complications are wound infections, seromas, hematomas, and epidermolysis.

How long does it take to heal after surgery?

The healing time can vary from three days to a week. People generally start feeling better after a few days.

At what stage of breast cancer is the breast removed?

Generally, a patient with stage 2A or 2B breast cancer might have to undergo a lumpectomy or mastectomy. It also depends on the size and location of the tumor.

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