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Chronic Ear Disease

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Chronic Ear Infection Treatment in Tardeo, Mumbai

If you suffer from pain or other medical issues in the ears, nose and throat, these are called ENT problems. To seek treatment, you can consult an ENT specialist near you.

What do we need to know about chronic ear infection?

Chronic ear infection is a condition in which you suffer from severe pain, swelling and fluid accumulation in your ears due to infection at the back of your eardrum. It may lead to severe repercussions like formation of holes in your eardrum that in turn may lead to permanent hearing impairment. Although ear infections are most common in children as their eustachian tubes are narrower and smaller, the possibility of chronic ear infections in adults cannot be ruled out altogether. 

What are the symptoms of a chronic ear infection?

You can notice the following symptoms in the ear:

  • Fluid in your ear
  • Clogging in your ear
  • Pain in the ear while drinking or having food
  • Trouble in hearing on a regular basis
  • Sleeping problems due to ear pain
  • Excruciating pain in the infected ear
  • Earache
  • Vomiting

If you see any of the symptoms occurring for a long time, consult an ENT specialist in Mumbai because your ear may require immediate medical intervention. 

What are the causes of chronic ear infections?

These include: 

  • Chronic ear infections are most commonly observed in children as their eustachian tubes are small and narrow, which makes them susceptible to accumulation of fluid and further infections. 
  • Sometimes, ear infections occur right after cold or flu.
  • Excess mucus also causes chronic ear infections. 
  • Infection of adenoids may also cause ear infections as it may trap viruses and bacteria that may spread to the ears. 
  • Excessive smoking habits in adults can also cause chronic ear infections. 
  • Sinusitis is another common cause of chronic ear infections. 

When do you need to see a doctor?

When you are feeling discomfort on a regular basis, and you cannot bear the pain in your ear, you should immediately contact the doctor. Watch out for these:

  • You suffer hearing loss for more than a few days
  • Lightheadedness
  • You feel that the room you are in is spinning sometimes

If all these symptoms appear, you must see ENT doctors near you.

You can request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Tardeo, Mumbai.

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How is chronic ear infection treated?

  • Your doctor may suggest surgery for chronic ear infections that are not responding to antibiotics or other remedies. 
  • Your surgical team will shift you to the operating room after you change into a hospital gown. 
  • You will be administered general anesthesia. 
  • Your doctor will make a tiny incision in your ear drum to insert a small tube to drain the pus in your middle ear. 
  • Your doctor will insert a small tube through your middle ear to drain the fluid and pus. 
  • These tubes generally fall out themselves within a year. In cases if it does not, you may have to undergo a surgery to remove the tube. However, this surgery will be a very simple outpatient procedure. 


Consult a doctor as soon as you see any symptoms of ear infections which are long-lasting and not responding to medications. Don’t neglect them.

How many days do chronic ear infections last?

Usually, it goes away in 3 days, but in some severe cases, it may also take 6 weeks.

Do all children get chronic ear infections?

No. Your child may or may not have ear infections.

Are chronic ear infections contagious?

No, chronic ear infections are not contagious. They are most often caused by nose or throat infections.


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