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Achilles Tendon Repair

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Best Achilles Tendon Repair Treatment & Diagnostics in Tardeo, Mumbai

Achilles Tendon Rupture is a common injury observed in people who play sports. But it can be experienced by anyone. In some cases, a patient requires surgery, but non-surgical treatment can also work.

What is Achilles Tendon Repair?

The Achilles tendon is a fibrous tissue that connects the muscles of the calves to the heel bone. Overexertion and stretching may cause the tendon to get ruptured. This rupture might be partial or complete.

A rupture can be extremely painful for the person. You might not be able to keep your foot on the ground. Depending on the severity of the rupture, you might need surgery. For further information, you should contact an orthopaedic doctor near you.

What are the symptoms that lead to Achilles Tendon Repair?

There’s a chance that if your Achilles tendon gets ruptured you might not experience any symptoms, but most people show the following symptoms:

  • A feeling of being kicked in the leg or calf
  • Severe pain
  • Swelling in the heel 
  • Not being able to bend foot downwards
  • Not being able to stand on your toes
  • Not being able to put the injured foot down or stand 
  • A popping or a snapping sound when the injury occured

When do you need to see a doctor?

If any of the symptoms mentioned above persist for more than two or three days, call your doctor. If you see swelling in your heel, contact your doctor immediately. You should look for orthopedic doctors near you in case the pain becomes unbearable. 

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How can you prevent this condition?

You can follow certain tips to avoid rupturing your Achilles tendon:

  • Stretching and exercising to strengthen your leg and calf muscles
  • Doing a variety of exercises to not overdo or overexert a body part
  • Avoiding running on surfaces that might be slippery or hard
  • Slowly increasing the intensity of the training and not overworking yourself

How is the condition treated?

The treatment of a ruptured Achilles tendon depends on the patient. If a person is usually active or is an athlete, they might go for surgical treatment. Elderly people usually prefer the non-surgical method.

In the non-surgical method, we have to:

  • Rest the leg, and hence, the tendon, with the help of crutches
  • Apply ice to the area regularly
  • Take pain medication 
  • Use crutches or wear a walking boot for a while

The non-surgical method reduces the chance of infection, which might occur during surgery. But at the same time, it also increases the chances of re-rupture. It might also result in a longer recovery time.

A small incision is made on the back of your heel in the surgical method, and the torn tendon is stitched back together. The surgery can cause some complications like nerve damage or an infection. But it is not an invasive procedure and the chance of a complication is less.

The rehabilitation takes about four to six months. The patient should also do physical therapy to regain his or her mobility and strength.

You can search for an orthopedic hospital near you for more information about the surgery.


Achilles Tendon Rupture is a common injury that can happen to anyone. The recovery process is long but effective. Contact orthopedic doctors near you if you find yourself having any symptoms or pain in the heel or leg.

What are the risk factors for getting an Achilles Tendon Rupture?

The major risk factors include being between the age of 30 and 40, engaging in sports and recreational activities like running, jumping and playing, taking steroid injections as they can weaken the tendon muscles, being overweight or obese or overexerting yourself while stretching and exercising.

How long does an Achilles Tendon Repair surgery last?

An Achilles Tendon Repair surgery lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour. You can leave the hospital premises after the surgery, but you will be in a cast from your knee to your toes.

How long does it take for a meniscus tear to heal?

Recovery and rehabilitation for an Achilles Tendon Rupture takes about four to six months, and you must also do physical therapy to get your strength back.


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