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Biopsy Treatment & Diagnostics in Tardeo, Mumbai


How Biopsy helps in the Rapid Detection of Cancer

A biopsy is a pathological diagnosis. It helps to detect carcinogenic properties in suspected tissues or cell mass. 

Consult an incisional biopsy specialist near you if you suspect any underlying conditions.

What do you need to know about biopsies?

A biopsy leads to the rapid detection of carcinogenic properties in a suspected cell mass. When an organ or body tissues show suspected behaviors like:

  • Tumor formation in breast
  • De-pigmentation of skin
  • Excessive bleeding from ovaries
  • Formation of mole-like growth

A biopsy is the collection of suspected cell samples using invasive methods. It can be collected through the insertion of needles, scrapping of the skin using circular blades, CT scans, or surgical opening. Visit an excisional biopsy specialist near you to learn more about your condition.

What are the different types of biopsies?

There are various biopsy techniques used to extract samples from suspected cell masses or tissues.

  • Needle biopsies find application in extraction of samples using inserted needles. CT scan and USG find application in the collection of needle biopsies.
  • Bone biopsies are necessary for extracting suspected cell samples of bone and tissues from the bone marrow.
  • Surgical extractions collect samples from vital organs like kidney, liver, prostate, uterus, ovaries, pancreas and intestines.

Visit a core biopsy hospital near you to undergo a check-up for the above condition.

What are the symptoms that lead to a biopsy?

Cancer is a silent killer. But body abnormalities don't go unnoticed for a long time. Immediately consult a fine needle biopsy specialist near you if you are  experiencing body discomfort like:

  • Recurrent pain in your bones
  • Excessive cervical bleeding
  • A painless lump-like formation

When should you go for a biopsy?

If you suspect body abnormalities, visit a core biopsy specialist near you. If the physician concerned observes abnormalities in a cell mass, he or she will ask you to undergo a biopsy examination at a fine needle biopsy hospital near you. 

When do you need to seek clinical support?

If you are suffering from an injury not healing for a long time or body parts that show a tumor-like formation, consult an excisional biopsy specialist near you. 

Request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Tardeo, Mumbai.

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How does a biopsy happen?

A biopsy examination is conducted at a core biopsy hospital near you. Here are the things you should know before going for a biopsy examination:

  • A biopsy examination takes around an hour. It may vary depending on the nature of the biopsy.
  • You will be administered local anesthesia before the biopsy examination.
  • A fine needle biopsy specialist near you will collect necessary samples using a short/long needle.
  • An incisional biopsy specialist near you will collect necessary samples through invasive methods like surgical opening.
  • If you suffer from comorbid conditions, consult a core biopsy specialist near you. You will have to take the necessary precautions to control the comorbidities before undergoing a biopsy examination.

What should you expect from post-biopsy treatment?

Most patients face the common issue of pain. You may take prescribed sedatives and painkillers till the pain persists. Observed side effects of post-biopsy treatment include:

  • Delayed healing of biopsy incision for those having a diabetic condition
  • Bleeding issues if you suffer from a haemophilic condition
  • A feeling of anxiety or body-related anxiety that passes after 72 hours

What should you do after a positive biopsy report?

Post-biopsy examination, the suspected cell sample undergoes pathological diagnosis. You shall receive the following report in a week’s time. Consult a core biopsy specialist near you for further treatment if the biopsy report is positive. Stay strong, seek the company of your loved ones and always remember that cancer is curable with an early diagnosis and prompt treatment.


A biopsy is a vital pathological diagnosis to detect metastasis in suspected cells or tissues. Cancer is a curable condition with early detection of metastasis. Consult an incisional biopsy specialist near you if you suspect body abnormalities.

Do biopsies trigger cancer?

No, the biopsy process is foolproof. It's a clinically proven fact that an incision from a biopsy needle doesn't lead to metastasis or spreading of cancer.

Is it mandatory to undergo a biopsy examination?

No. A fine needle biopsy specialist near you will suggest it. Biopsies are necessary to study a cell if it shows cancerous symptoms.

Are biopsies painful?

Biopsies are an invasive pathological examination. You may undergo local anesthesia during the procedure. For further information, consult a core biopsy specialist near you.

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