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IOL Surgery Treatment & Diagnostics in Tardeo, Mumbai

IOL Surgery

The lens forms an integral part of the human eye. The main goal of the natural lens is to focus light onto the retina that in turn converts light to electrochemical impulses or signals transferred to the brain. 

Ophthalmology hospitals in Mumbai offer the best treatment for issues with the eye lenses.

What do we need to know about IOL surgery?

Intraocular surgery or IOL surgery can be required by people suffering from eye lens issues. The eye lens may get damaged due to many reasons. IOL surgery offers a complete replacement of the eye lens. Ophthalmology doctors in Mumbai can help you know more about this advanced surgery.

What are the types of IOL surgery?

  • Monofocal implant IOL surgery:

A monofocal lens gets implanted in this IOL surgery and it is the most common type of IOL surgery. It stays fixed at one position at a fixed distance.

  • Multifocal implant IOL surgery:

A multifocal lens is implanted in this IOL surgery and it is the second-most common type of IOL surgery. It helps a patient see objects at different distances. 

  • Accommodating implant IOL surgery:

An accommodating lens is implanted in this IOL surgery and it is another common type of IOL surgery. It acts as a natural eye lens and eliminates the need for glasses.

  • Toric implant IOL surgery:

This is a specialized form of IOL surgery. It eliminates the need for glasses and helps patients get rid of astigmatism.

What are the Symptoms that indicate you may need IOL surgery?

These include:

  • Loss of vision due to cataract that requires eye lens replacement
  • Patients suffering from myopia
  • Patients suffering from astigmatism
  • Other symptoms that cause vision issues

What are the causes that lead to IOL surgery?

IOL surgery replaces the damaged eye lens in different ways according to specific requirements. Thus, if any patient suffers from vision issues that need more than just correction of glasses, IOL surgery is recommended.

When do you need to see a doctor?

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, immediately consult a doctor.

You can request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Tardeo, Mumbai.

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What are the risk factors in IOL surgery?

Like in any other surgical procedure, the risk factors include:

  • Loss of endothelial cells
  • Corneal swelling
  • Rotation of the lenses inside the eyes
  • Retinal detachment or swelling or other retinal conditions

How do you prepare for IOL surgery?

Thorough medical examination of the eye:

  • An ophthalmologist conducts a detailed medical examination of the eye before scheduling an IOL surgery.
  • A thorough examination of previous medical records:
  • Like in any other medical procedure, IOL surgery requires clear details about the previous medical records of a patient. 


Ophthalmology hospitals in Mumbai offer some of the best IOL surgery options. You can book an appointment with any of the leading ophthalmologists.

What happens after IOL surgery?

There is a requirement for general medical care after IOL surgery.

Why do you need an IOL surgery?

There may be different medical conditions that require IOL surgery.

What are the benefits of IOL surgery?

The key benefits of IOL surgery are improved vision due to eye lens replacement. The use of modern toric lenses further eliminates the requirements for additional vision correction glasses.

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