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Knee Arthroscopy

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Knee Arthroscopy Treatment & Diagnostics in Tardeo, Mumbai

Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that is conducted to cure inflammation and damages in the knee joints. It is used for diagnosis of stiffness and pain in your knee. Like all arthroscopic procedures, a small incision is made on the affected knee region in order to insert the scope into the interior parts of the knee. 

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What do we need to know about knee arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is conducted with the help of a medical device called an arthroscope. It contains a mini camera fitted at one end, with which video recordings of the internal part can be viewed on a monitor. Thus, a surgeon can easily detect the actual cause of the knee pain and proceed with the treatment. It is not as painful as general surgeries, as only a tiny part of the skin is cut open to insert the device. The entire procedure does not even take an hour to be completed. Knee arthroscopy is performed at the best orthopedic hospitals in Mumbai.

Why is a knee arthroscopy conducted? When do you need to see a doctor?

If you experience acute knee pain that does not go away even after taking pain killers or applying ointments, you should visit an orthopedic doctor near you immediately. Your anterior or posterior knee ligaments may be torn due to an accident, causing pain. The meniscus cartilage between the thigh bone and the lower leg can be damaged because you might have lifted very heavy objects. The patella or the knee bone can be displaced because of the torn cartilage. The fracture of the knee bone or the swelling of the synovial membrane lining the knee region can be the cause of knee pain, which can be detected by arthroscopy in an ortho hospital near me.

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How do you prepare yourself for knee arthroscopy?

You need to follow all the instructions given by your doctor for the preparation of your knee arthroscopy. You should discuss your current medications for other medical conditions, as some pain killers may not be safe for you in this situation. You may need to fast for 6–12 hours before this surgical procedure, as per the instructions of your doctor. Sometimes, your doctor may prescribe a pain killer for reducing your post-surgical pain and other related problems, which you should take as per your doctor’s guidance.

How is knee arthroscopy done?

  • A patient will be administered local anesthesia to make the affected knee numb or the doctor may administer regional anesthesia on the spinal cord to make the entire lower part of the body numb. Sometimes, general anesthesia may also be administered to keep the patient unconscious during the knee arthroscopy.
  • The doctor then injects a saline liquid into the knee region, to make the interior space inflated so that he/she can have a clear view through the arthroscope.
  • Small cuts are made on the skin over the knee, to insert the arthroscope into the inner part of the knee. The camera attached to this device sends videos of the entire space, to reveal the exact cause of knee pain.
  • Once the cause is detected, the doctor attaches useful medical tools to the arthroscope to cure the problem inside the knee.
  • Finally, the injected saline solution is drained out before stitching the incision up.

What are the benefits of knee arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy helps in diagnosing the cause of your knee pain and stiffness of the joint. It is a faster procedure for repairing damaged cartilage or fractured knee bone. The recovery period is also shorter, as you will experience less pain and inflammation after this surgery. Only a couple of stitches are required to close the incision made for knee arthroscopy.


You can safely go for knee arthroscopy as prescribed by your doctor, which should be done at one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Tardeo.  

Do I need to stay at the hospital for knee arthroscopic treatment?

No, you will be released on the same day from the hospital and you can go back home. Knee arthroscopy takes less than an hour and then the doctor may keep you under observation for a few hours before releasing you from the orthopedic hospital in Mumbai.

How fast will I recover completely after knee arthroscopy?

Proper care and precautions will help you recover within a few days, the post-surgical pain and swelling may take some days to get reduced though. Your knee will be fully functional within a few weeks.

What needs to be done for reducing post-surgical pain after knee arthroscopy?

You need to apply an ice pack to the operated knee to reduce inflammation and swelling. The dressing of that knee should be changed regularly. You should also do the exercises shown by your doctor or physiotherapist for quicker recovery.

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