Laser treatment of Anal fissure in Pune

An anal fissure is a very common problem faced by people of all age groups. An anal fissure can be in the form of a tear in the part of the anus or it may come out as a skin over the lining of your anus. The affected area of the anus can cause immense pain and even result in bleeding while bowel movement.
The development of skin over the anus may result in discomfort and pain while sitting and hence needs immediate cure. An anal fissure can be of different type—few results in bleeding and few causing the development of skin over your anus. A healthy lifestyle can cure it but in serious cases, a surgery is needed.
An anal fissure may occur due to constipation, strain while bowel movement, diarrhoea etc. Other reasons can include medical conditions like cancer, infection or inflammatory bowel movement.. An anal fissure can affect the people of all age groups regardless of sex.

What are the symptoms of an anal fissure?

Some of the common symptoms of an anal fissure are:

1) A crack or tear in and around the skin of your anus.

2) A small skin development around the tear of the anus.

3) Pain and irritation during the bowel movement.

4) Bleeding while and after the bowel movement.

5) Pain and itching in the anal area while sitting for long hours.

Further, anal fissure mostly occurs due to the movement of large or hard stools or sometimes even frequent diarrhoea can also lead to anal fissure. There are other causes like anal cancer, HIV, tuberculosis syphilis too.
The doctor can easily diagnose an anal fissure by directly examining the area around the anus. Further, a rectal exam can be conducted to confirm the problem.

What are some preventive measures related to anal fissure?

1) Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet.

2) Keep your anal area clean and dry.

3) Clean your anal area lightly with lukewarm water and medicated soap.

4) If you are suffering from constipation, try to cure it with a Healthy Lifestyle.

5) In the case of infants, you must change their diapers frequently.

Even after using these preventive methods, if your fissure reappears, you may need a surgical treatment.

How is laser treatment for fissures done?

With advancement in science and technology fissure can be treated easily through laser-based surgery. The surgery can be easily performed by using local anaesthesia in a clinic with least postoperative morbidity. The chance of recurrence of the fissure is also less compared to the traditional surgeries.

Laser treatment of fissure generally involves the use of CO2 laser. The infrared radiation from the laser is used to increase the blow flow to the area of fissure which results in proper healing of the fissure. The reason CO2 laser is used is that it offers a fixed area of concentration and greater control over the surgery.
There is another type of surgery that is conducted which is called sphincterotomy. In this surgery, the sphincter is cut with the help of scalpel which handled by the surgeon.

What are the advantages of using laser treatment for treatment of fissure?

Fissures mostly don’t need excessive treatments, but with treatment, it can heal faster and not become a complicated case. Doctors may prescribe stool softeners, ointments, and other medicines. Your doctor will also help you with a diet chart in order to avoid this condition in the future.

What are the other innovative treatments at Apollo Spectra?
The advantages of using lasers in surgery are :
1) Surgery through laser has the quickest recovery time as compared to other procedures.
2) Surgery through laser allows greater control to the surgeon on the whole surgery. This helps in proper removal of the fissure.
3) It is very little or no pain experienced by the patient during the surgery.
4) There no chance of complication involved in treating the anal fissure through laser.
5) There are no side effects or risks involved. Other methods always have a risk of infection but with lasers, since there is no bleeding the risk of cancer is very less.

Why Apollo Spectra?

Apollo Spectra is using the latest technique of laser to treat fissures. All the surgeons are highly trained to perform the surgery with finesse. The doctors spend extra time with the patients to understand the complexities of the condition. It has been observed that patients are hesitant in discussing issues related to anal diseases owing to embarrassment. Our team ensures the patient is able to discuss freely so that we can over him complete treatment.