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Excision of Tumors

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Excision of Tumors Treatment & Diagnostics in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

Excision of Tumors

Excision of tumors addresses issues associated with forming tumors in the bone, skin, or any other part of your body. When your cells or tissues near the bone start to multiply in an abnormal way resulting in the formation of a mass or a lump, it can affect the structure and working of the bone.

In the same way, tumors can be formed in different parts of your body due to the abnormal unlimited growth of your body tissues and cells. Excision surgery helps in the removal of these tumors to prevent further spread in your body.

Why excision surgery is done for tumors?

Tumor cells tend to multiply and grow in an unlimited way. All our cells have finite growth whereas some cells go through mutations and start to multiply infinitely. This unlimited growth of your cells or tissues can form lesions, mass, or lump in your body.

These cells can even affect their nearby cells and cause in spreading of the disease. In this condition, it is important to remove the tumor from your body to prevent its spread that can become fatal in later stages.

These tumors not only can be fatal and can also affect the functioning and strength of your body parts. The tissues will not be able to work properly in a normal way and also cause discomfort.

Excision surgery becomes important to restrict the tumor cells to affect the normal cells. By removing the tumor, helps you to avoid enhancement of the advanced stages of different types of cancers you may occur.

What are the types of excision surgery for tumors?

Type of cancer you have developed, at which location, and the stage of cancer at which it has been identified determines the type of surgical treatment that your doctor will use to remove the tumor from your body.

in general, there are two types of surgical treatment for tumor removal. These two types of excision surgery treatment include: -

  1. Nonsurgical Excision Treatment- Mostly in children, if the tumor forms near a bone or in any other part of the body, it can be removed without the surgical procedure. There is no need to surgically operate on the patient in most cases, the tumor will disappear by own through regular medications and proper treatment.
  2. Surgical Excision Treatment- Most tumors formed in your body become malignant very easily and have the capability to spread to other parts of your body. This condition can be fatal and a malignant tumor is very complex to treat. To avoid such a condition, your doctor will advise you to go for excision surgery for your tumor. By using needles and surgical blades, proper open surgery is done to remove the tumor from the affected area.

What are the risks associated with excision surgery?

Many medical surgeries have some common risks associated with them. It is important to understand these risks before going for surgery. These risks associated with tumor removal include: -

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia- Your body can show severe reactions with the anesthesia provided to you at the beginning of the surgery.
  • Bleeding- There is a chance for bleeding to occur after the surgery may due to losing sutures done at the end of the surgical procedure.
  • Nerve damage- There are several nerves interconnected to each other in a web inside your body. There is a chance for your nerves to get damaged near the affected area.
  • Pain- You can face pain where the excision surgery is done. Your body takes time to heal from the cuts made to your skin and to fill the gaps formed after the removal of the tumor.
  • Swelling- You can also face swelling near the part where the surgery is done.
  • Infection- Your body is susceptible to the external environment. During the surgery, you are at high risk of developing an infection from an external bacterium. Sometimes, your body does not accept the changes made to your body and hence develops an infection as a reaction by your autoimmune system.

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Removal of tumors formed in your body is very important to avoid the spread of the disease in other parts of your body. Tumors can affect the functioning of your body parts.

Many people go for excision surgery for tumor removal to live a normal healthy life.

What is the recovery rate for an excision surgery?

Recovering from an excision surgery can depend on the type of tumor removed from your body. In general, it takes few weeks for you to recover from an excision surgery.

What is the chance for the tumor to develop again?

A successful tumor removal reduces the risk of recurring tumors in the future. However, it depends upon the stage of cancer and your health conditions. You are advised to consult with your doctor and he will monitor you regularly to avoid recurrence of the tumor in your body.

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