Breast Specialist Doctor in Chennai

For a woman suffering from any breast disorder, there are a lot of treatment options available to help rectify it. At Apollo Spectra, we offer diagnostic and treatment services for people who have issues ranging from benign breast conditions to severe conditions.

What are the conditions treated at Apollo Spectra?

Breast Cancer
Just like in any cancer, the breast cancer occurs because of the abnormal tissues that occur when the patient’s own cells grow uncontrollably. And, these cells may get transferred to different parts of the body where they are generally not found. In these situations, the cancer is known as metastatic. The breast cancer may develop in the breast tissues, mainly in the milk ducts or the glands. If cancer spreads, the treatment becomes difficult. The symptoms of breast cancer are;

One of the main symptoms of a breast cancer is lumps, they can be present near the breasts or underarms. The lump may feel firm and usually has an irregular shape.

  • This mass or lump can be even as small as a pea
  • The color, size or the shape of the breasts may change.
  • You may notice either a blood-stained or clear fluid from the breast, i.e., nipple.
  • The breast or the nipple may feel different, such as dimpled, puckered, inflamed or even scaly.
  • The breast or the nipple may become red

Skin discoloration
This condition can be simply because of a skin condition, such as dermatitis or eczema. And, sunburn can also cause various changes in the skin. Therefore, if you notice rashes, itching, swelling or any other notable change, visit a breast specialist in Chennai today. With proper treatments and medications, a skin condition can be treated.

Breast lumps
The non-cancerous breast lumps may occur due to an injury or an infection. To rule out cancer, your doctor will conduct a biopsy and proceed with the treatment accordingly.

Breast Cyst
These are fluid-filled sacs that develop in the breasts, which are generally non-cancerous. Usually, women between the ages of 35-50 suffer from this condition. The most common symptoms include lumpy breasts that feel uncomfortable.

Nipple discharge
When you are not pregnant or breastfeeding and you notice an unusual discharge from your nipples, it calls for concern. This condition can also occur in men and can be because of; hormonal changes, fibrocystic changes, non-cancerous tumor endocrine disorders, etc. When you notice any abnormal discharge, visit our breast specialist doctor in Chennai for treatment.

Pain in breast
It is one of the most common problems in women. This pain could be sharp and can cause tightness in the chest. The main causes of this condition include;

  • Reproductive hormones
  • The structure of the breast
  • Imbalance of fatty acids
  • Using certain medicines
  • If you have large breasts or use improper undergarments
  • If you have had breast surgery

It is basically the enlargement of the breasts in men. It can either affect one or both the breasts. If you experience swelling, pain, tenderness, or nipple discharge, you must visit a doctor immediately.

This condition is the inflammation of breast tissue, which can also occur due to an infection. The inflammation can lead to pain in the breasts, swelling, warmth, and you may also experience fever and chills. Generally, this condition develops in women, who are breastfeeding. The other symptoms of this condition include; soreness of the breasts, swelling of the breasts, thickening of the breast tissues, feeling pain or burning sensation, redness of the skin, feeling very sick, and fever.

Fibrocystic breasts

The fibrocystic breasts are made of tissues that are lumpy or rope-like. It is not a rare disorder and is a non-cancerous condition. Although not dangerous, it can cause some discomfort and uneasiness. The symptoms of this condition include; swelling, tenderness, pain, thickening of tissues, and lumps in either one or both breasts. Some women don’t require treatment for this condition, while some do. Therefore, you must visit our breast specialist doctor in Chennai to make sure everything is okay.

Why choose Apollo Spectra?

At Apollo Spectra, we combine expert surgical techniques, along with compassionate care offered by our breast specialist doctor in Chennai. Our main aim is to offer the best patient care to improve the quality of your life. We provide state-of-the-art breast care facilities. Therefore, if you notice any symptoms related to breast cancer, get in touch with our experts immediately.