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Ankle Joint Replacement

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Best Ankle Joint Replacement Surgery in Alwarpet, Chennai

The ankle joint is a hinge-type joint located in the legs. This joint is formed by the talus bone of the foot and the fibula and tibia bones of the leg. The plantarflexion and the dorsiflexion (up and down movements) of the foot are the main responsibilities of ankle joints. It also has medial and lateral ligaments. Therefore, different injuries to these various parts may cause you to need different medical treatments. Look no further than the best orthopedic hospitals in Alwarpet, Chennai itself for the best ankle arthroscopy surgery or ankle joint replacement.

About Ankle Joint Replacement

Ankles play an obvious, crucial role in imparting mobility to the body. Thus, they can be prone to multiple injuries and other medical conditions. This hampers the movement and control of your feet. Thus, many specialized hospitals offer dedicated ankle joint replacement that replaces the original joints with prosthetics.
The ankle prosthetics are implemented by specialized surgeons based on the medical condition of the ankle. These prosthetics are mobile and support the natural pattern of the hinge-type joint. The best orthopedic doctors in Chennai can help you get the best out of ankle joint replacement.

Types of Ankle Joint Replacement

There are no different types of ankle joint replacement as all these treatments focus on regaining the natural functioning of the ankle joint using prosthetics. The location of the ligaments, lower leg, longitudinal or bottom arch of the foot, the position of the heel bone, etc., determine the design and placement of the new ankle joint.

How to Know if You Need Ankle Joint Replacement

Multiple reasons hint at the requirements of an ankle joint replacement. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Persistent pain in the ankle
  • Any recent injury that has caused damage to the ankle joint
  • Swelling in the ankle joint
  • Temporary or permanent disability in moving ankles

Why Is Ankle Joint Replacement Conducted?

There might be different causes for this procedure to be conducted. These include:

  • Bone-cartilage trauma that causes ankle arthritis
  • Deformity in the leg axis, causing the leg to bend unnaturally, and unstable ligaments
  • Asymmetrical position of the talus, the bone in the foot
  • Rheumatic diseases causing issues with ankle joints
  • Hemophilia and skew foot deformity
  • Rupture of the syndesmosis, a fibrous joint in the ankle
  • Instability in the ankle joint due to shin bone fractures

When Should I See a Doctor?

It is highly recommended to consult your doctor if you’re facing any issues due to injuries or other medical conditions in the ankles. The best orthopedic hospitals in Chennai can help you find the most suitable ankle arthroscopy surgeries.

The Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Alwarpet, Chennai, offer the best ankle arthroscopy surgeries.

Call 1860 500 2244 to book an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals.

Complications in Ankle Joint Replacement

The complications in an ankle joint replacement are limited but include the chances of mal-positioning of the ankle joint that reduces mobility or degrees of flexibility. Other risks may include:

  • Rejection of prosthesis
  • Internal bleeding
  • Inflammation
  • Sudden weakness

Preparing for Ankle Joint Replacement

However, you don’t need to worry too much. The top orthopedic surgeons in Chennai at Apollo Spectra Hospitals prepare you for the procedure by following these documents and processes with you:

  • Previous medical records: To go through your previous medical issues or concerns before going for the ankle replacement
  • Pre-operative checks: To get clearance to operate on your ankle from different departments like anesthesia, cardiology, etc.

Treatment by Ankle Joint Replacement

The treatment by ankle joint replacement is majorly permanent and highly effective. More than 90% of the surgeries have a 100% success rate. The best orthopedic surgeons in Chennai offer specialized ankle joint replacement surgeries.

Wrapping up

An ankle joint replacement is the best and a proven way to get rid of the persistent pain and mobility concerns you may have in your ankles. It is a specialized and high-end surgery that requires detailed medical care and rest after the treatment. This treatment has improved the lifestyle of many individuals.

Do I need to get hospitalized for ankle joint replacement?

You may need to be in the hospital for 6-10 days, depending on your post-surgery recovery.

Can I start walking immediately after the ankle joint replacement surgery?

You must wait for a couple of days before starting walking on your own.

Will I feel pain during the ankle joint replacement?

The doctor can keep you in local or general anesthesia during the entire ankle joint replacement procedure.


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