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Treatment for Common Illnesses in Alwarpet, Chennai

Different types of diseases can make you or any of your family members ill. It can turn into a serious matter if left untreated for a long time. Various bacteria, fungi or viruses can cause these infectious diseases. You need to consult your doctor and follow his/her advice for speedy recovery. A specialist in general medicine near you can help in this regard, by recommending diagnostic tests and medicines.

 What are the different types of common illnesses?

  • Allergies – You or your family members may be allergic to any food ingredient, some drugs or other substances that can cause various kinds of illnesses. These substances triggering allergies are called allergens.
  • Common cold – This affects people of all ages.
  • Influenza – This disease is also quite common among youngsters, mainly during the rainy season and winter.
  • Diarrhea – This is the medical term used for loose motion.

What are the symptoms of common illnesses?

  • Generally, irritation in the eyes, skin rashes, sore throat, sneezing and runny nose are the symptoms of allergic reactions that should be treated at a general medicine hospital near you. Sometimes, shortness of breath, swelling of the face and tongue, digestive disorders and unconsciousness may be caused by allergic reactions.
  • Usually, the symptoms of the common cold are a runny nose, sore throat and sneezing. Sometimes, people also start coughing when too much mucus accumulates in their lungs, due to this illness.
  • High fever, accompanied by headache and immense body ache, tiredness and sometimes cough are the symptoms of influenza or flu.
  • The common symptoms of diarrhea are liquid stool, too frequent bowel movements in a day, stomach cramps and bloating due to accumulation of gas in the abdomen. Sometimes, a patient may also suffer from low fever and streaks of blood may appear in the stool.

What are the causes of common illnesses?

  • Eggs, milk, soybean, nuts and shellfish are some common foods that may lead to allergic reactions. Many people are also allergic to pollen, pet fur and molds.
  • Common cold is usually caused by a certain type of virus in the respiratory system, which is mostly transmitted from touching another person infected with it.
  • Flu or influenza is also caused by a viral infection that affects the mucous membranes of the lungs, windpipe and nose.
  • The main reason for diarrhea is bacterial or viral infection when these germs enter the digestive system through contaminated foods and drinks. Intolerance or allergic reaction to certain foods can also lead to diarrhea. Side effects of some medicines may cause the symptoms of diarrhea as well.

When do you need to see a doctor?

Normally, most of the common illnesses mentioned above can be treated by taking over-the-counter medicines and some home remedies. However, you should see general medicine doctors in Chennai if the symptoms persist for more than a couple of days or seem to become severer, instead of getting cured within a few days.

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How are common illnesses treated?

  • Normally, general medicine doctors in Alwarpet prescribe antihistamine tablets or liquids to cure most of your allergic reactions. Sometimes, decongestant nasal spray or oral medicines are prescribed to cure nasal congestion and sneezing.
  • Doctors prescribe antibiotic pills, nasal spray, decongestant medications and cough syrup for the treatment of common cold.
  • There are specific medications for stopping the loose motion and other symptoms of diarrhea. However, your doctor may suggest stool tests to diagnose the exact reason for your condition so that you can receive more accurate treatment for this problem. 


When you visit reputed general medicine hospitals in Chennai, you can expect faster relief from all types of common illnesses that are bothering you or your dear ones. However, you also need to take the required precautions to prevent these health issues.

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Do I need to prepare myself before visiting a doctor for treatment of any common illness?

You only need to note down all the symptoms of the common illness from which you are suffering. You should also carry your previous prescriptions and recent medical test reports so that the doctor can know about your health condition.

Do I need to undergo any diagnostic test?

Generally, specialists in general medicine in Chennai recommend certain laboratory tests only to accurately diagnose the reasons for common illnesses of their clients. Mostly, they try to detect causes of your problems by asking you several questions regarding your symptoms and health condition.

Do I need to stop the medications that I am currently taking for some chronic ailments?

Your doctor will check whether the current medications will have any adverse effects when taken together with the medicines prescribed for the cure of your common illness.


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