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Scar Revision Treatment in Alwarpet, Chennai

Scars can occur on any part of the body that is wounded or infected. The shape and composition of scars may vary according to the underlying cause. It is advisable to contact a scar revision specialist near you when you want to improve the appearance of your skin and make it blemish-free. The perfect functioning of a body part in cases where scarring has caused loss of function is also possible through scar revision treatment.

About scar revision

Scar revision can be achieved with the help of topical lotions and gels as well as the usage of dermal fillers. More extensive and deep-reaching scars may have to be revised surgically. Plastic surgery hospitals in Chennai can help you decide on the appropriate treatment procedure by examining the scar tissue closely. 

Keloid scars that are irregular clusters developing at the site of a wound are removed using pressure therapy, injections or Cryotherapy (freezing). Surgery is usually the last resort when a scar does not respond to other non-invasive treatments.

  • The doctor may choose to make an incision over the scar and remove the underlying tissue. The wound is closed by stitches.
  • An extensive wound covering a big area may be revised with the aid of skin grafts.
  • Laser surgery is yet another option when a scar with abnormal coloration needs to be flattened, smoothed out or reduced.
  • Hypertrophic scars that remain confined within the original boundary of the wound may be removed surgically if steroids fail to have the required effect.
  • A new yet highly effective reconstructive procedure known as tissue expansion may be used as a part of scar revision treatment in Chennai.

Who qualifies for scar revision treatment?

You might consider it for cosmetic reasons. The doctor may advise scar revision for various medical reasons and in conjunction with other procedures. You will have to be physically fit and be leading a healthy lifestyle for the treatment to be successful and for the scars to fade and become less prominent. 

You must not have unrealistic expectations from the surgery. Remember that it might not be possible to eliminate the scars completely but the blemish will be less obvious after treatment. 

Why Scar Revision is Conducted

You may be anxious to have smooth and blemish-free skin when it is marred with scars especially on the face, neck and other exposed parts of your body. Scar revision doctors in Chennai may advise surgery when all other treatment fails to fade the scar(s). 

It may be advised by your dermatologist when it causes pain that prevents normal activity. A plastic surgeon may recommend skin grafting or other types of surgery when you have lost some amount of skin due to burn injuries or contractures. 

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Benefits of Scar Revision Treatment

A severe scar that makes the skin look ugly can be reduced and made less obvious. The skin will become healthier in appearance and bodily functions are restored to a great extent. You will also experience the following benefits - 

  • Pain caused by the scarring is reduced
  • Itchy skin is healed perfectly
  • Unusually dense scars that limit movement of a limb or joint are removed and the function is restored
  • Skin becomes more supple and elastic and recurrent infections are eliminated

Potential Complications of Scar Revision Treatment

The surgery has a high success rate with complications being extremely rare. However, the following complications may occur in some patients -

  • Altered skin sensation
  • Change in skin color with associated tingling or pain
  • Nerve damage
  • Bleeding due to damaged blood vessels
  • Recurrence of scar formation
  • Delayed healing of the wound





How long does scar revision treatment take?

Recovery is quick with scar revision being performed as an outpatient procedure. You may leave after resting for a while post-surgery.

Will the area hurt after the surgery?

You will be prescribed pain medication and may feel slight discomfort for a few days as the skin heals. Make sure to contact your doctor urgently if you feel intense and prolonged pain.

Do I need to protect my skin after the treatment?

You will be advised to wear a sunscreen lotion to protect the site of scar revision from UV Rays when you go out during the day. You may have to undergo physical therapy after you undergo scar revision surgery for contracture or burn injuries.


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