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Lumpectomy Surgery in Alwarpet, Chennai

Overview of Lumpectomy

Lumpectomy is the surgical procedure of removing a cancerous growth inside your breast.

Lumpectomy is generally recommended to patients who are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. The procedure involves putting the patient under anesthesia. The doctor makes an incision on the area where the tumor is and then extracts it and along with some of the healthy tissues surrounding it. 

What is Lumpectomy?

Lumpectomy is the surgical procedure of removing a tumor inside your breast. Unlike mastectomy, which involves removing the entire breast, lumpectomy only requires the removal of the cancerous growth along with some healthy tissues surrounding it. It is also known as breast-conserving surgery or quadrantectomy since the surgery only requires removing a part of the breast. 

Your doctor will ask you to stop taking any medications and cease consumption of alcohol seven days before the surgery. The doctor will also ask you to refrain from eating or drinking anything for 8 to 12 hours before the surgery. 

General anesthesia will be administered to the patient. Once the patient is unconscious, the surgeon will make an incision near the area that contains the tumor and remove it along with some healthy tissues surrounding it. 

Your surgeon may remove some lymph nodes as well and send them along with the tumor for analysis. Finally, the surgeon will close the incision with stitches that will dissolve themselves or might need to be removed by the surgeon in the follow-up visit. You will have to stay in the hospital for a day or two before you are released. 

On the day of your release, your doctor will give you pain medication and antibiotics. They will also give you instructions on how to take care of your stitches, change your dressing and recognize any signs of infection. You must have a checkup seven days after the surgery to review your progress.

Who qualifies for Lumpectomy?

Lumpectomy is used as a treatment method for women with early-stage breast cancer. It is also an option for women who do not wish to undergo a mastectomy, which is the removal of your entire breast. Women who do not have a history of diseases like Lupus, Scleroderma, or any small tumors are also eligible to get a lumpectomy.

Why is a Lumpectomy conducted?

The purpose of lumpectomy is to remove cancer while still maintaining the natural appearance of your breast. It is also done to remove benign growths or tumors. Studies have shown that lumpectomy with radiation therapy decreases the risk of cancer recurring. 

Benefits of Lumpectomy

Lumpectomy, in comparison to Mastectomy, has many benefits. These include:

  • It maintains the appearance of your natural breast.
  • Recovery time is shorter in comparison to Mastectomy
  • No loss of sensation in your breast
  • Only the tumor is removed and not the entire breast.

Risks and Complications Associated with Lumpectomy

 Just like any surgery, a lumpectomy has a few risks associated with it. These are:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Allergies
  • Blood clot
  • Scarring
  • Change in the appearance of your breast

Complications arising from Lumpectomy are rare. But in some cases, they are:

  • Damage to lungs or nearby organs
  • Infection at the surgical site
  • Numbness 

If you experience any complications after your surgery, please contact an oncologist near you. 

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Lumpectomy is a procedure that involves removing a cancerous growth inside your breast along with some healthy tissues surrounding it. It is recommended for patients who are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Lumpectomy can help remove cancer while still maintaining the natural appearance of your breast. It is recommended that you consult an oncologist near you if you are considering getting a lumpectomy.



Is it painful?

It is normal to feel soreness after your surgery. The doctor will prescribe pain medications to help you manage the pain.

How long will it take for me to recover?

The recovery time for a Lumpectomy is between a few weeks to a few months.

When should I visit my doctor?

If you experience symptoms such as bleeding, infection, swelling, redness, fever, then you should visit your doctor.


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