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Hip Arthroscopy

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Hip Arthroscopy Surgery in Alwarpet, Chennai

Hip arthroscopy is a surgery performed around the hip joints. It is not a complex surgery but requires a great amount of precision. During hip arthroscopy, surgeons make small incisions for creating a pathway, so that a mini camera (arthroscope) can enter the body and inspect and repair the joints. 

You can consult an arthroscopy surgeon in Chennai or visit an orthopedic hospital near you for this surgery. 

What is hip arthroscopy?

Hip arthroscopy is also known as hip scope. It is a minor surgery for identifying and treating problems near the hip joints. It helps a doctor detect the cause of pain and discomfort. The procedure includes numbing the region below the waist using anesthesia, followed by making small cuts with precision. The arthroscope enters through these cuts and displays the extent of damage in the hip joints on the screen. A surgeon may also make a few more incisions for inserting other surgical instruments like scalpel, etc. These cuts are stitched after the surgery. Usually, the stitches dissolve after a few weeks of the surgery. 

Your doctor might suggest a few more tests before the surgery. Before hip arthroscopy, you can also get an MRI scan for understanding the severity of the damage and to identify the requirement of an alternative procedure.

It is important to follow doctors’ advice to avoid any risks.

Why is hip arthroscopy conducted?

Hip arthroscopy helps in finding out issues in the hip joints. Your doctor will suggest hip arthroscopy if you suffer from the following conditions:

  • Infection in the hip joint
  • Fragments of cartilage and bone 
  • Overgrowth of a bone in the acetabulum or on the femoral head. This overgrowth makes the movement of the hip uncomfortable and also damages the surrounding tissues
  • Inflammation in the surrounding tissues of hip joints
  • Snapping hip syndrome ( tendons rub across the joint and gets damaged)
  • Repairing the torn labrum in the hip socket 

When do you need to consult a doctor for hip arthroscopy?

You must see a doctor if you have excessive and constant pain in the hips. He/she will guide you about the surgery and the medicines needed. After the operation, keep your doctor updated about any discomfort like fever, vomiting, increased pain in the hip joints or legs, tingling sensations, severe swelling in the operated area, discharge of fluid from the stitches, etc. 

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What are the benefits of hip arthroscopy?

  • It takes less time to recover
  • The procedure is comparatively less painful and quicker than other hip surgeries
  • The patient can go back home on the same day after the operation (outpatient basis)
  • Hip arthroscopy can be used to identify complicated hip problems during their initial stages
  • Reduces the chances of hip replacement

What are the complications from hip arthroscopy?

  • Internal bleeding in the hip joints and the region surrounding it
  • Injury in the nerves and muscles of the operated area
  • Clotting of blood in the operated region and the legs
  • Temporary numbness
  • Excessive blood loss during surgery
  • Infection


Hip arthroscopy helps doctors find the root cause of the problems in the hips and prescribe the best cure for them. It is believed that in the coming years, hip arthroscopy will play a crucial role in identifying and treating many hip joint diseases.

What are the necessary precautions to be taken after hip arthroscopy?

Do not exert excessive pressure on the operated area, do provide sufficient support to the hip joints by using crutches and most importantly, do follow your doctor’s instructions.

How long does complete recovery after surgery take?

The rate of recovery depends on the severity of the damage and the precautions taken. Usually, it takes around a month for complete recovery. The symptoms are generally reduced within a week after the surgery.

For how many days does the pain last after hip arthroscopy?

The pain after surgery might last for a month or two. To reduce the pain, you can ask for painkillers from your doctor.


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