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Screening and Physical Exam

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Screening and Physical Exam in Alwarpet, Chennai

A physical examination involves a simple process to check the status of your overall health. A physical exam is also known as a wellness check. General medicine hospitals in Chennai can help you know more about screening and physical examination.

The purpose of all these examinations is early detection of any possible signs of a disease. These check for the symptoms of possible diseases, identify any issues that can become medical concerns in the future, and update on necessary immunizations. In addition, these help individuals maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime.

What are the symptoms that indicate that you may need screening and physical exam?

Multiple symptoms can indicate that you need to contact general medicine doctors in Chennai. Any change in the routine functioning of your body, related to breathing, excretion, digestion, etc., requires immediate attention. Furthermore, changes in appetite, unnecessary body fatigue, consistent fever, etc., are also some of the other reasons to go for a screening or physical examination. You may have undergone a serious surgery recently that demands regular follow-up physical examinations or screening. Thus, any of these create a compelling need to go for a physical examination.

Why do you need screening and physical examination?

Screening and physical examination are the preventive steps to avert any dangerous and serious medical condition. Our body works like a machine that requires proper physical examination to detect, diagnose and treat different medical conditions before it’s too late.

When do you need to see a doctor?

Go for routine physical examinations at regular intervals. General medicine doctors in Chennai can help you with physical screening.

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How do you prepare for screening and physical examination?

General medicine doctors in Chennai prepare you for screening and a physical examination in the following way:

  • Previous medical records: You must carry with you your previous medical reports.
  • Scans: X-rays, ultrasounds, etc., can be done to be sure of certain symptoms like occasional pain. Don’t skip your routine screening and physical examination.

How do screening and physical examination help in treatment?

The best general medicine hospital in Chennai values the power of screening and physical examination. It all starts with regular body checkups for vitals like blood pressure, pulse rate, etc. Many doctors use percussion and a stethoscope to check lungs and chest. Screening and physical examination also include checking height, weight, etc.


You can protect yourself and your loved ones from numerous deadly diseases by regular screening and physical examinations that monitor your health. It is a single-day procedure that detects all possible anomalies in the body and makes you aware of the right step towards a healthy lifestyle.

How much time is required for screening or physical examination?

It only takes a few hours, depending on your condition.

Do I feel pain during screening or physical examination?

Screening and physical examination are painless processes.

Can I get immediate results from screening or physical examination?

You need to wait for a maximum of 24 hours.


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