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Biopsy Procedure in Alwarpet, Chennai

What is a Biopsy?

A biopsy is a sample of tissue removed from the body to examine it more closely. When an underlying test indicates that a region of tissue in the body isn't normal, a doctor should propose a biopsy.

Specialists may consider an unusual tissue bulge, a tumor, or an injury. These are broad terms that emphasize the tissue's enigmatic concept. During a physical examination or an imaging test, the suspicious area may be visible.

Why is a Biopsy Conducted?

Biopsies are performed regularly to look for illness. Biopsies, in any event, can aid in the diagnosis of a variety of diseases. A biopsy may be recommended at any time when there is a serious clinical question that a biopsy might assist address. Here are only a few examples:

A lump or tumor on mammography indicates the possibility of cancerous development in the bosom.
A mole on the skin has changed shape as of late, and melanoma is conceivable.
An individual has ongoing hepatitis and knows whether cirrhosis is available.

Sometimes, a biopsy of typical seeming tissue might be finished. This can help check for malignancy spread or dismissal of a relocated organ. Much of the time, a biopsy is done to analyze an issue or to help decide the best treatment alternative.

What are the Different Types of Biopsies Available?

Needle biopsy

Biopsy using a needle. The majority of biopsies are needle biopsies, which means the questionable tissue is accessed with a needle.

CT scan biopsy

A CT scan guides this biopsy. A patient lies down on a CT scanner, which produces pictures that assist doctors in pinpointing the precise location of the needle in the targeted area.

Ultrasound-guided biopsy

Ultrasound-guided biopsy is a type of biopsy that uses ultrasound to guide the procedure. A doctor can use an ultrasound scanner to guide the needle into the lesion.

Bone biopsy

Biopsy of the bones. A bone biopsy is performed to check for bone malignancy. This can be done with the help of a CT scan or by an orthopedic surgeon. Biopsy of the bone marrow. For extracting bone marrow, a long needle is inserted into the pelvic bone. It tests for blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.

Liver biopsy

A biopsy of the liver is performed. Through the skin of the belly, a needle is inserted into the liver, collecting liver tissue.

Kidney biopsy

A biopsy of the kidney. A needle is inserted into the kidney, similar to a liver biopsy, through the back skin.

Aspiration biopsy

Biopsy via aspiration. A needle is used to remove stuff from a mass of material. Fine-needle aspiration is another name for this basic technique.

Prostate biopsy

The prostate gland is sampled with several needle biopsies at the same time. A probe is placed into the rectum to reach the prostate.

Skin biopsy

A biopsy of the skin is performed. The most common type of biopsy is a punch biopsy. It takes a cylindrical sample of skin tissue using a circular blade.

Surgical biopsy

Biopsy performed surgically. To acquire a biopsy of hard-to-reach tissue, open or laparoscopic surgery may be required. It is possible to remove a portion of tissue or the entire lump of tissue.

What are the Advantages of a Biopsy?

Biopsies are especially significant in the finding of disease. This system will frequently be performed when there is a lump, tumor, blister, or expansion for which there is no evident reason. In these cases, the specialist feels the best way to arrive at an accurate analysis is to take a piece of that lump and look at the cells straightforwardly.

What are the Risks of Having a Biopsy?

The following are some of the difficulties that may arise as a result of a biopsy. Potential entanglements, depending on the biopsy method, include the following:

  • Extreme bleeding (hemorrhage)
  • Contamination
  • Reduce the risk of injury to nearby tissue or organs.
  • Around the biopsy site, there is skin death.

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Are biopsies reliable?

Yes, when compared to the majority of alternative testing choices. They can confirm a cancer diagnosis, determine the kind of cell tumor, and, more recently, determine if the tumor has undergone genetic alteration.

What can I do to get ready for a biopsy?

Your doctor will provide you precise instructions, including information about your current medicines, supplements, and diet. Make sure you don't use deodorants, talcum powder, or lotions on your body that contain unneeded chemicals.

How long must I remain at the hospital or clinic?

Unless the doctor specifically requests that you stay, many biopsies are outpatient procedures that you can leave within a few hours.

Is it possible for me to be sedated during the biopsy?

Anesthesia is typically administered for surgical biopsies. It is dependent on the sort of biopsy performed. Consult your physician.


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