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Endometriosis Treatment in Alwarpet, Chennai

Endometriosis is a disorder in which extra tissues grow outside your uterus. These tissues work like the tissues that line the inner part of your uterus. It is a common disorder that can sometimes last a lifetime. For more information on endometriosis, speak to a gynecologist doctor in Alwarpet.

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition in which tissues grow outside your uterus, involving your pelvis, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. These tissues behave like endometrial tissues (tissues that line your inner uterus) in that they thicken, break down and cause bleeding every menstrual cycle. However, unlike actual endometrial tissues, they have no path to exit the body and become trapped in an area outside the uterus. As a result, it can lead to ovarian cysts, irritation, scar tissues, and adhesions in the surrounding areas. Endometriosis can also cause severe pain and fertility problems.

What Are The Symptoms of Endometriosis?

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of endometriosis:

  • Pelvic pain: Pelvic pain is the most common symptom of endometriosis. This pain has been observed to get worse with time.
  • Dysmenorrhea: Also known as period pain, this symptom accompanies your menstrual cycle. Pain and cramps begin before your cycle and may continue for many days after your period. 
  • Pain during intercourse: If you have endometriosis, you may experience pain during sexual intercourse. 
  • Excess bleeding: During your menstrual cycle, you may experience a heavier flow than usual. Sometimes, you may experience intermenstrual bleeding (bleeding in between your periods)
  • Infertility: Infertility is a common symptom of endometriosis. This condition usually pops up first when women are seeking diagnosis and treatment for infertility. 
  • Others: Other symptoms of endometriosis include bloating, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, etc.

When To See a Doctor

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should consult with an endometriosis specialist near you. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent many complications in the future. 

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What Causes Endometriosis?

The exact cause of endometriosis is not known currently. However, it is usually associated with the following factors:

  • Retrograde menstruation: Here, blood flows back into the pelvic cavity during menstruation instead of outside the body. The endometrial cells in your blood stick to the walls of your pelvic organs, where they multiply, thicken and bleed during your menstrual cycle.
  • Peritoneal cell transformation: The induction theory explains that your hormones help transform your peritoneal cells (cells that line your inner abdomen) into cells that resemble your endometrial cells. This, in turn, causes endometriosis.
  • Surgical scar implantation: Following a surgery such as a C-section, your endometrial cells may attach to the surgical incision.
  • Endometrial cell transport: Your blood vessels and lymphatic system may help transport endometrial cells to other regions of your body, leading to endometriosis.
  • Immune system disorder: An impairment of your immune system might disable your body’s ability to recognize and destroy the endometriosis tissues that grow outside your uterus.

How Can Endometriosis Be Treated?

Here are some of the standard methods of treatment for endometriosis:

  • Pain medication: Your doctor can prescribe the right medicines to you to help relieve pain.
  • Hormone therapy: Balancing your hormones using hormone therapy is a great way to reduce the discomfort from endometriosis, especially during your menstrual cycle. 
  • Conservative surgery: Here, the endometrial-like tissues are removed through surgery while preserving your other organs. 
  • Fertility treatment: If you have endometriosis, you might experience problems with conceiving. Your doctor can recommend fertility treatments to help solve this issue. 
  • Hysterectomy: Here, your ovaries and uterus are removed surgically, hence eradicating endometriosis at the root. However, this results in menopause and infertility, and early menopause can lead to several health risks. 


The pain caused by endometriosis is not necessarily an indicator of the severity of your condition. For example, you could have severe endometriosis with little to no pain and mild endometriosis with severe pain. Additionally, endometriosis is a condition that can be mistaken for other conditions easily. To learn about your condition thoroughly, reach out to your endometriosis doctor in Alwarpet when you notice any symptoms.

Request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Alwarpet, Chennai.

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What are the other conditions that endometriosis is commonly mistaken for?

Endometriosis is often mistaken for other conditions that cause the same or similar symptoms. These include:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

Is endometriosis linked with cancer?

Ovarian cancer is quite a rare disease, and so the chances of you developing it are low as well. Endometriosis increases these chances, but they remain relatively low. Unfortunately, another type of cancer is more likely to occur in people with endometriosis, namely endometriosis-associated adenocarcinoma.

How does endometriosis affect your fertility?

One of the main effects of endometriosis is impaired fertility. The endometriosis tissues obstruct the path of the sperm and keep it from uniting with the egg. They also damage the egg and sperm. However, mild to moderate endometriosis usually does not impair your fertility too much. While it might be hard to get pregnant, there is a good chance that you can carry a baby to term.


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