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Cross Eye Treatment

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Cross Eye Treatment in Alwarpet, Chennai

Overview of Cross Eye Treatment

Crossed eye, squint eye or strabismus is a condition in which both your eyes don’t look in the same direction. If you are suffering from crossed eyes, your eyes look in different directions. Strabismus is a condition more common in children, although it can also occur in adults. 

An underlying medical condition might cause crossed eyes. Therefore, if you notice changes in your eyes, you should immediately contact an ophthalmology doctor near you. The crossed eye can be treated with corrective lenses and through a surgery called eye muscle surgery.

About Cross Eye Treatment

Crossed eye or strabismus can cause loss of vision in both eyes or one eye. Therefore, to reverse the condition, the weak muscles of the eyes need to be rectified. Eye muscle surgery is performed to correct strabismus or crossed eye.

  • The eye muscle surgery is performed to correct eye misalignment or eye wiggling.
  • The surgery is done by working on eye muscles by adjusting the position of the crossed eyes. Your doctor will give you general anesthesia so that you sleep during the surgery and do not feel any pain.
  • The duration of the surgery ranges from forty-five minutes to two hours depending upon the type of eye muscle surgery your doctor is performing.
  • A small instrument known as an eyelid speculum is used by your doctor to keep the eye open. A small incision is made in the white part of your eye. The muscles are then detached and reattached to the eye. The incision is closed after correcting the strabismus.

Who Qualifies for Cross Eye Treatment?

People who are suffering from the following problems qualify for crossed eye treatment:

  • Double vision
  • Reduced vision.
  • Misaligned eyes
  •  If you need to tilt your head to look at things.
  • Reduced depth perception
  • Eyestrain

If you experience any of the above signs, you can visit a squint eye specialist in Chennai.

Why Cross Eye Treatment  is Conducted

The eye muscle surgery is conducted to treat the following conditions:

  • Children are born with crossed eyes - The condition is called congenital strabismus. There may be no definite cause for the condition. The portion of the nervous system that is in control of eye movement may be affected at birth. Some children may be born with tumors or certain eye disorders causing squint eyes.
  • Infantile esotropia - A kind of crossed eye that appears in infants within one year of birth. It is hereditary and needs eye muscle surgery.
  • Crossed eyes in adults might be a symptom of stroke, cerebral palsy or some other underlying medical condition.
  • Crossed eyes may be caused by nerve damage or when the nerves that control eye movement do not work together. In such situations, the brain ignores the signals of the weaker eye, and it might lose vision in the long run.
  • Crossed eyes might be caused in later life by conditions like lazy eye and farsightedness. The situation is treated through eye muscle surgery.
  • If your child has infantile strabismus and it does not go away after three months of age, you should consult an eye specialist near you.

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Benefits of Crossed Eye Treatment

There are several benefits of eye muscle surgery. Proper alignment in between the eyes will eliminate problems like double vision, eye strain and eye fatigue. Moreover, the alignment between the eyes will correct the relationship between the eyes and other facial structures like the nose and eyebrows. 

Risks Associated with Crossed Eye Treatment

The risks associated with eye muscle surgery are comparatively low. There are low chances of bleeding, infection or scarring. The main risk associated with eye muscle surgery is under correction or overcorrection of the crossed eye.


The crossed eye can be treated if detected early. Several treatments are available nowadays like special eyewear or eye patch that can prevent vision loss from the crossed eye. You should not neglect symptoms and visit an ophthalmology hospital near you to start early treatment.

How do you fix crossed eyes?

Crossed eye can be fixed through corrective lenses, vision therapy, patches and surgery.

Do crossed eyes worsen with age?

If left untreated, the crossed eye can worsen with age and lead to vision loss.

What happens if the crossed eye is not treated?

If the crossed eye is left untreated it will lead to loss of vision which is called amblyopia or lazy eye.


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