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Emergency Care in Alwarpet, Chennai

 A medical emergency can occur anytime, without any prior sign or giving you any time to prepare for it. Sometimes, people may face serious consequences due to medical emergencies, which may even lead to a fatal condition. You should be aware of doctors specialized in general medicine near you, who can be approached anytime during emergencies.   

What are the different types of medical emergencies?

  • Sudden unconsciousness – A person may state that he/she is feeling dizzy and then suddenly faint without any other warning.
  • Acute chest pain – Any man or woman may complain of immense pain in his/her chest region, which may be the sign of a heart attack.
  • Profuse bleeding – If someone has an injury somewhere in the body and the blood does not stop despite applying medicines to it, it should be considered an emergency. The person may lose too much blood and face dangerous health conditions.
  • Accidental injuries – An accident can cause severe injuries in the head, chest or abdomen that can be fatal if not treated at the earliest. An accident victim should be taken immediately to general medicine doctors near you, to save him/her from dangerous consequences.

What are the symptoms noted during medical emergencies?

  • Sudden dizziness and weakness, along with headache and blurry sight, are the main symptoms that indicate that the person concerned may faint anytime and should be taken to a general medicine hospital near you.
  • Acute chest pain is usually accompanied by shortness of breath, which makes the condition of the patient worse and more dangerous.
  • An injury in the head, fingers, toes or abdominal region starts bleeding profusely, making the injured person very weak and unstable due to heavy blood loss. Nose bleeding is also a symptom that should be treated as a medical emergency.
  • Injuries at different parts of the body, from where the injured person is bleeding, are the symptoms that should be attended to urgently. These injuries may be the result of bone fractures, ruptures of internal organs and blood vessels.

What are the causes leading to medical emergencies?

  • Sudden fainting can be due to heart problems that the person is already suffering from. It can also be a case of cerebral stroke or sun-stroke. A person may also faint because of the sudden drop in his/her blood sugar level or due to pregnancy during the first trimester.
  • Chest pain is usually caused by heart diseases or over-accumulation of gas in the abdomen that pushes up to the chest. The blockage in the blood vessels also causes such chest pain, by interrupting the normal blood circulation, for which the patient should be immediately taken to general medicine doctors in Chennai. 
  • If an injury ruptures a nearby blood vessel, the bleeding will be unstoppable till the injured spot is wrapped up tightly. Extremely high blood pressure can cause a nosebleed, signaling the rupture of a vein in the brain. 
  • Injuries to the head or the spinal cord may lead to paralysis for life or even death. External injuries are visible but internal injuries may result in hemorrhage that may turn fatal.   

When do you need to see a doctor?

Normally, you need to administer CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation to revive a patient from unconsciousness or to deal with chest pain. It is a life-saving technique and should be continued till the patient regains senses and is ready for a checkup at a general medicine hospital in Chennai. If the symptoms persist despite all your efforts, you should call an emergency ambulance for shifting the patient immediately to the nearest hospital.

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How are medical emergencies treated?

Doctors working in departments of general medicine in Chennai usually try to bring back consciousness by putting a patient under ventilation and other life-supporting systems. Then they recommend some urgent diagnostic tests to reveal the cause of the patient’s current state before starting the actual treatment. They administer injections and oral medications according to these test reports.


You need to call the emergency helpline number for urgent medical assistance if anyone seems to show medical emergency signs. You should not panic; stay calm to provide mental support to the person who needs medical help from doctors at the nearest hospital.

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Can choking on food be treated as a medical emergency?

If a person coughs violently and his/her face turns red due to this effort, it should be considered a medical emergency. The person concerned should be helped to cough out the stuck food particles from his/her windpipe, which may otherwise turn fatal.

What can I do if someone needs urgent medical help?

You only need to dial the emergency helpline number for calling an ambulance to take that person to a general medicine hospital near you. You may try CPR to revive the person if you know this technique.

Can I call a doctor at home for urgent medical treatment?

Yes, if the patient seems to succumb while being taken to a hospital or some injuries may seem to worsen while traveling, it is better to request a doctor to visit the patient wherever he/she is.


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