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Jaw Reconstruction Surgery

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Jaw Reconstruction Surgery in Alwarpet, Chennai

Jaw Reconstruction Surgery, Jaw Surgery, or Orthognathic Surgery is a procedure for correcting abnormalities of the jaw bones and realignment of teeth to restore their normal functionalities. Jaw Reconstruction Surgery in Chennai is also helpful in the enhancement of facial appearance.

What Should You Know About Jaw Reconstruction Surgery?

Jaw Reconstruction Surgery in Chennai is an ideal choice for the correction of moderate-to-severe problems of the jaw. The procedure can bring a dramatic improvement in the variety of activities of the jaw, including -

  • Breathing
  • Chewing
  • Speaking
  • Closing the mouth
  • Speaking clearly

An expert Jaw Reconstruction Surgery specialist in Alwarpet can also significantly enhance your facial appearance. Jaw surgery may include one or several parts of the jaw, including the lower jaw, upper jaw, and chin.

Who Qualifies for Jaw Reconstruction Surgery?

There can be several issues with jaw and teeth alignment. These problems may affect sleeping, talking, and chewing besides facial deformities. Individuals who have to struggle with these problems daily can derive positive benefits by considering this procedure at any reputed Jaw Reconstruction Surgery hospital in Chennai.

To qualify for the Jaw Reconstruction Surgery, you need to be around 17 to 21 years old if you are a male and 14 to 16 years if you are a female. If you think you are a candidate for this procedure, consult any qualified Jaw Reconstruction Surgery doctors in Chennai to know your options.

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Why is Jaw Reconstruction Surgery Performed?

Jaw Reconstruction Surgery aims to correct irregularities of the jaw that may result from abnormal growth. The conditions of irregular jaw development may be of genetic origin or resulting from a traumatic injury or arthritis. The jaw surgery may be necessary to -

  • Reduce wear and tear of teeth
  • Arrest breakdown of teeth
  • Facilitate easy chewing or biting
  • Enable easy swallowing
  • Correct speech abnormalities
  • Allow the lips to close properly

Benefits of Jaw Reconstruction Surgery

After a successful Jaw Reconstruction surgery treatment in Alwarpet, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improvement in the functionalities of teeth
  • General well being because of better chewing, swallowing, breathing, and sleep
  • Improvement in self-esteem with enhanced facial appearance
  • Correction of impairment of speech
  • Improvement in the smile and other features of the face

Visit an expert Jaw Reconstruction Surgery specialist in Alwarpet to know how this procedure can benefit you.

Risks and Complications in Jaw Reconstruction Surgery

The risks are minimal if you plan your procedure in one of the reputable Jaw Reconstruction surgery hospitals in Chennai. Following are some risks of jaw surgery:

  • Fracture of jaw
  • Need for a repeat procedure
  • Need to perform a root canal therapy
  • Relapse of the jaw back to the previous position
  • Joint pain in the jaw

These risks are besides other complications that are associated with any surgery. They are infection, bleeding, reaction to anesthesia, nerve injury, and so forth.




How long does it take to recover after jaw surgery?

It may take up to 12 weeks for the jaw to heal completely. After the initial healing phase, i.e., after about six weeks, the orthodontist will use braces for proper teeth alignment. The teeth realignment process can continue for a few years.

What about scarring on the face after jaw reconstruction surgery?

The jaw reconstruction surgery specialist in Chennai makes incisions inside your mouth. Hence there will be minimum or no scarring.

When can I resume work or school?

Your Jaw Reconstruction surgery specialist may allow you to join work after one to three weeks, depending upon the extent of surgery and healing progress.

What is the role of an orthodontist in jaw reconstruction surgery?

Jaw reconstruction surgery is teamwork. After the surgery, an orthodontist who is an expert in the treatment of dental irregularities takes over. An orthodontist's job is to realign the teeth with the help of braces and retainer devices that are necessary for a specific period. The entire process, after the actual surgery, may take several months to finish.

What is the duration of a jaw reconstruction procedure?

The jaw surgery can last anywhere between two to five hours. The time duration depends entirely on the extent of the surgery.


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