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The liver is an essential organ that carries out the digestion of food, detoxification (removal of waste products from your body), protein production, clotting of blood, iron, glucose, and protein metabolism (conversion of food to energy). Alcohol, viruses, or obesity are among factors that can affect your liver. If left untreated, liver conditions can damage your liver leading to scarring (cirrhosis) and later to liver failure. On the other hand, timely treatment and liver care can help heal your liver and manage liver diseases.  

What Are Some Common Liver Diseases?

Common liver diseases which require liver care are Hepatitis, Fatty liver Disease, Autoimmune conditions, Genetic conditions, Liver Cancer, Cirrhosis, and Liver failure.

What Are the Symptoms of Liver Disease?

Though symptoms of liver disease vary with the cause, common symptoms of liver disease are as follows.

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes)
  • Swelling in abdomen, ankle, or legs
  • Itchy skin
  • Dark urine and bloody or black stools
  • Easy bruising

What Are the Causes of Liver Disease Which Require Liver Care?

Liver diseases have multiple causes, as mentioned below.

  • Infection- Parasites and viruses can cause infection, inflammation, and damage to the liver. Hepatitis is the most typical liver infection-causing virus, namely Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.
  • Immune System Abnormalities- In some instances, your body itself attacks the cells of your body which can lead to liver damage, as seen in autoimmune hepatitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, and primary biliary cholangitis.
  • Genetics- Certain defective genes inherited from your parents can lead to liver damage, as seen in Wilson's disease, Hemochromatosis, and Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.
  • Cancers- Certain abnormal growths or cancers can lead to liver disease, as seen in Liver adenoma, Liver cancer, and Bile duct cancer
  • Other causes- Other factors like ingestion of certain herbal compounds, over-the-counter medications, chronic use of alcohol, or fat accumulation in the liver can lead to liver damage.

When Should You Consult a doctor?

If you have any of the signs mentioned above or symptoms of severe abdominal pain that causes you discomfort, immediately make an appointment with your doctor. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to search for the best gastroenterologist near me, gastroenterology hospital near me,

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What are the Remedies / Treatment for Liver diseases?

Though most liver diseases are chronic, specific lifestyle changes can help in controlling symptoms. These changes may include increasing your water intake, limiting alcohol, following a healthy liver-friendly diet, increasing fibre, and reducing salt, sugar, and fat, thus maintaining a healthy weight. Specific liver conditions will require specific treatment, including diet modifications. Medical treatment will include steroids to reduce inflammation of your liver, antiviral drugs for the treatment of hepatitis, antibiotics, blood pressure medications, symptom management medications like relieving of itchy skin, and vitamins and supplements to improve the health of your liver. If medications and lifestyle modifications fail to provide you relief, surgical intervention of removing a part or all of your liver may be recommended. A liver transplant is the last option. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to search for a gastroenterology specialist near me, a gastroenterology hospital near me, or

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Liver care is required in most liver diseases, as they can be treated and managed if caught early. However, permanent damage may occur to your liver if you hesitate in treatment. Make an appointment with your doctor if you are at risk of developing liver disease or have symptoms of one.

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What are the risk factors for liver diseases?

Risk factors include obesity, increased use of alcohol, type 2 diabetes, family history of liver diseases, sharing needles or drug use, unprotected sex, body piercings or tattoos, exposure to blood, body fluids of infected individuals, or certain toxins, or chemicals.

What dietary changes are required if I have liver problems?

A few modifications like limiting alcohol, avoiding added sugar and sugary foods, limiting fried foods, reducing your salt intake, avoiding red meat and white bread and rice can help keep your liver healthy.

What are the complications of liver diseases?

Associated complications of liver diseases may include risk of infection and bleeding, malnutrition, decreased cognitive function, and liver cancer. In addition, if left untreated, it can advance to cirrhosis and liver failure.


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