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Management of Open Fractures

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Management of Open Fractures Treatment in Alwarpet, Chennai

An open fracture, commonly known as a compound fracture, is a type of fracture characterized by an open wound or a break in skin at the site of the broken bone. The severity of the fracture varies from one situation to another. In severe fractures, there is a lot of skin loss and the bone fragment can be seen protruding from your skin. In milder fractures, you might see nothing more than a puncture wound. To learn more, connect with an arthroscopy doctor in Chennai.

What are open fractures?

A fracture is a condition in which one or more bones in your body are partially or entirely broken. An open fracture is a type of fracture in which a fragment of your broken bone pierces through your skin and is hence exposed. Open fractures are riskier than closed fractures as they can invite germs and infections. They need to be given immediate medical attention. 

What are the symptoms of an open fracture?

The one and only symptom of an open fracture is the breakage of the skin. When you fracture a bone, it might pierce through your skin and expose the wound to dust, debris and germs, making it vulnerable to infection. The symptom of an open fracture could be a protruding bone or even something as small as a puncture wound at the site of injury.

When do you need to see a doctor?

Following an injury that causes an open fracture, rush to the hospital to get treatment from an arthroscopy doctor in Chennai. Immediate response and first aid are very important to prevent dangerous infections and complications. 

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What are the causes of an open fracture?

An open fracture, like most other fractures, is most often caused by a high-impact event. This includes serious injuries, accidents, gunshots, etc. An open fracture is usually accompanied by injuries to other parts of your body. Rarely, an open fracture can occur as a result of a low-impact injury such as a sports accident or a fall. 

The severity of the fracture depends on the following:

  • Size of the fracture fragments 
  • The number of fracture pieces
  • Location of the bone
  • The blood supply to the soft tissues in that area

What are the outcomes of an open fracture?

The outcomes of an open fracture are:

  • Skin wound: Such wounds can be mild to severe, depending on the situation. Sometimes, you might need plastic surgery to mend the damage. 
  • Soft tissues: Similar to skin wounds, tissue damage can also range from mild to severe. You could end up with mild tissue devitalization or with muscle, tendon and ligament loss that requires reconstructive surgery to fix. 
  • Neurovascular injury: Your nerves and blood vessels may get compressed as a result of limb deformity. This could lead to arteriospasm, intimal dissection or get entirely transected.
  • Infection: Due to the direct exposure of the wound to open air, the chances of developing an infection are extremely high. 

How can an open fracture be treated?

First, the patient will have the wound cleaned and disinfected. After resuscitation and stabilization, the broken fragments are realigned and splinted immediately to hold them in place. The wound is cleaned and stitched up after checking for other complications such as neurovascular injuries and tissue loss. If the wound is extremely severe, your doctor will recommend skin grafting to reconstruct the wound.


As open fractures are quite dangerous, rush to an arthroscopy hospital in Alwarpet immediately after the injury occurs. Early treatment can help prevent complications and the risk of infection. 

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How can you perform first aid on an open fracture?

Cover the wound with a clean cloth, preferably a sterile dressing. Apply pressure around the wound to control bleeding. Be cautious when you approach the wound and do not touch the protruding bone. Secure the dressing with a bandage and advise the patient not to move the affected area at all.

Is an open fracture an emergency?

An open fracture is an extremely serious condition. As the wound is open, your body is vulnerable to germs and infections of various severity. If you have an open fracture, rush to a hospital immediately to avoid complications.

Does an open fracture require surgical treatment?

Surgery is required immediately after the incident in order to clean the injured area. Debris and germs can enter the exposed area and so it is best to clean and close the open area.


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