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Breast Health

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Breast Health


Some women experience breast tenderness, nipple discharge, breast stiffness at some point in their lives. If you self-examine your breasts from time to time, you can identify your breasts' changes at different phases of your menstruation cycle. Lactating mothers can also experience different breast conditions while breastfeeding or even after weaning, i.e., when they have stopped breastfeeding.

If you ever feel the hardness in your breasts or detect any lump or pain in the breasts, consult a good breast surgery doctor in Chennai. For those who are looking for breast transformation surgeries for either increasing or reducing their breast size, seek guidance from a reputed breast surgery doctor in Alwarpet.

Symptoms Pertaining to Your Breast Health that You Should Not Ignore

You should always watch out for symptoms that may not seem normal. Some such symptoms related to your breast health are discussed below:

  • Any change in breast shape or size
  • A bumpy region or a lump in the breast or armpit
  • A change in the breast appearance or any dimpling on the breast
  • Fluid discharge from the nipples, which is not white and is smelly
  • Bloody discharge from the nipples
  • Change in the shape, coloration, or position of the nipples
  • A watery discharge from any bump on the nipples

Heaviness on the breasts, pain on the breast that goes to the armpit and the back as well

Causes that Can Lead to Worsening Breast Health

Women experience several transformations in their breasts throughout their lifetimes. Many times, hormonal changes can also control the health of your breasts. In most cases, there might not be any underlying cause for the changes in your breast. But in some cases, changing breast conditions may indicate a potential health risk and must be addressed at the earliest. Some causes for deteriorating breast health are discussed below:

  • Some women are at an increased risk of developing cysts or benign lumps on their breasts. Sometimes changes in the glands that secrete milk can result in the formation of lumps or cysts.
  • Drugs related to hormonal therapies, antidepressants, oral contraceptive pills can also lead to breast pain and breast stiffness. Drugs used for treating progesterone and estrogen malfunctions in post-menopausal women can also lead to changes in the breasts. Drugs for treating infertility have also been seen to affect breast health.
  • A bra that does not fit your breasts properly may also lead to poor blood circulation, which can adversely affect breast health.
  • Breast surgery for treating fibrocystic breast issues or even breast cancer may result in the accumulation of scar tissues in and around the breasts that may create pain and discomfort.

Sometimes breast surgery may also lead to inflammation and permanent nerve damage on the breasts. So it is essential to visit the best breast surgery hospital in Chennai to avail the best treatment pertaining to your breast health.

When to See a Doctor?

You must visit a renowned breast surgery hospital in Alwarpet at the earliest if you experience persistent pain, discomfort, swelling, and pricking sensation in the breasts.

Continuous discharge from nipples that are not white in color, a painless lump in any part of the breasts or surrounding the breasts, rashes in and around the nipples are also symptoms you should watch out for.

If you see changes in the texture, size, or shape of either of your breasts, you should immediately consult a breast surgeon in Alwarpet.

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Remedies for Improving Breast Health

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, take a balanced diet and do self-assessments of breasts from time to time, you can avoid many issues related to your breasts.

Some women are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer owing to family history. Such women should go for screening ultrasounds and MRI to detect the disease at an early stage.

Some breast issues like mastitis can be easily treated by following a course of antibiotics.

In some cases, like cysts and lumps, surgical interventions are necessary. So consult a good breast surgeon in Chennai for any help.


For every woman, looking after their breast health is extremely crucial. Early detection of any condition associated with your breasts can make the treatment and recovery process easier. As a woman, if I am aware of my breast health and consult the best breast surgery hospital near me at the right time, there will be fewer chances of declining breast health.



Is it always necessary to worry about a breast lump?

Many breast lumps are benign, i.e., they will not turn cancerous. It is necessary to be vigilant and consult the right doctor instead of worrying.

What is the most common cause of breast pain?

Apart from many other causes, the most common is fibrocystic changes that are irritations in the tissues of the breasts.

Is breast pain an indicator of breast cancer?

Breast pain is a rare symptom of breast cancer.

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